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Main » 2016 » May » 17 » ADP Educates Society about the Dangers of Narcotics
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ADP Educates Society about the Dangers of Narcotics

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Thursday, May 12th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

The Anti-Drug Section at the Abu Dhabi Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) organized an open exhibition at the Deerfields Town Square Mall, in Al Bahya, Abu Dhabi.

Educational brochures and posters were distributed to the audience during the exhibition. These publications tackled the reasons for the spread of narcotics; the psychological, social, health and economic impacts and advice for families and children about how to avoid bad company. Educational videos were also screened at the exhibition.

Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Head of the Anti-Drug Section at the CID, explained that the objective of this humanitarian initiative is to highlight the social aspects of the dangers of narcotics and the consequent problems. “This goal is achieved through direct meetings with the attending young people and their guardians, because family is the first line of defense against the epidemic of narcotics. Family can also educate about the methods used by dealers to attract their victims and about the legal punishments imposed on users and dealers,” he added.

He also confirmed that this exhibition is one of many that will be held by the Anti-Narcotics Division throughout the Abu Dhabi Emirate throughout the year, as just one aspect of the national campaign to combat the epidemic of narcotics and spread awareness about the dangers of drugs, their mental effects and continuous threat to the lives and future of the next generations. “This campaign also alerts and educates families about helping their children to choose good company, and the importance of using their free time in a useful way that allows them to differentiate between the right and wrong,” he concluded.


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