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Main » 2014 » November » 12 » ADP Forensic Evidence Department Uses FOOTPRINT Soil Type Analysis to Solve Crimes
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ADP Forensic Evidence Department Uses FOOTPRINT Soil Type Analysis to Solve Crimes

In accordance with an agreement signed with EAAD

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Saturday, November 8th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

The Abu Dhabi Police GHQ and the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAAD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on exchanging benefits of “the FOOTPRINT soil types” and “the Forensic Evidence laboratory”, as well as to enhance mutual cooperation between them.

Major General Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, recently attended the signing of the MoU between both parties at the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ building. The MoU was signed by H.E. Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, and by Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Head of the Criminal Evidence Department.

Under the terms of the MoU, the Abu Dhabi Police will take advantage of the FOOTPRINT soil type classification database of soil types in the UAE adopted by the EAAD.  This would allow the Crime Scene forensic experts to uncover crimes by determining the location of a criminal act, and narrow down a location to specific areas, in accordance with the nature and specifications of the soil. The MoU would also provide the Environment Agency with the opportunity to utilize the Forensic Evidence laboratory in various available disciplines.

Colonel Al Hammadi noted that the Soil Survey project undertaken by EAAD helps to enhance police criminal investigations. Soil is analyzed to determine the location of a criminal act, such as murder, or burial sites, or the routes used by drug dealers based on the qualities of the soil sample in each region. In conclusion, Colonel Al Hammadi pledged continuous interaction and communication with the EAAD in order to develop further mechanisms of joint cooperation.

In parallel, Razan Al Mubarak said, “The MoU will boost partnership between EAAD and Abu Dhabi Police in the field of joint studies and applied research. It will also allow Abu Dhabi Police to leverage the agency’s capabilities to promote programs and plans related to environmental protection and to spread environmental awareness in all relevant areas; in addition to improving work coordination in emergency cases”.

She also expressed her delight for contributing to providing geological, biological, and technical field information featured in the Soil Survey of the Abu Dhabi Emirate project database. This project provides integrated records supported by maps of the territories of each region in Abu Dhabi in order to streamline and enhance ADP’s work.

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