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Main » 2023 » July » 6 » Anker PowerHouse: The Reliable Solution to South Africa’s Load-Shedding Crisis
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Anker PowerHouse: The Reliable Solution to South Africa’s Load-Shedding Crisis

Cape Town, South Africa, 05 July 2023:

As South Africa grapples with the persistent issue of load-shedding, there's a new player in the energy sector offering a lifeline to households and businesses. Anker Innovations is launching its 521 and 535 PowerHouse Portable Power Stations in South Africa, designed to keep life and work moving seamlessly, even during power outages.


Load-shedding in South Africa frequently disrupts everyday activities. When the lights go out, everything from home appliances to heating systems, refrigerators, and computers are affected, causing discomfort and inconvenience. It's an issue that's become a part of the daily lives of local public, but Anker Innovations aims to offer a reliable solution.


Anker's 521 and 535 PowerHouse power stations come as innovative backup power solutions. These portable powerhouses offer the flexibility to keep multiple devices charged and running, mitigating the impacts of load-shedding on daily routines. Whether it's keeping the lights on, preserving food in the refrigerator, or ensuring a seamless work-from-home experience, Anker's PowerHouse lineup stands up to the task.


With capacities of 256Wh and 512Wh respectively, these power stations can keep essential devices powered during outages. The 521 PowerHouse, with its variety of outlets, a car socket, and fast-charging USB ports, ensures your devices stay charged. The 535 PowerHouse, on the other hand, supports even larger appliances, making it ideal for those needing to power more demanding equipment during load-shedding periods.


“The 521 and 535 Anker PowerHouses are not just charging devices, but a promise of reliability, providing consistent power for essential devices, thereby bridging the gap during power outages,” said Faraz Mehdi, General Manager, Anker Innovations Middle East, Africa and South Asia. “We understand the challenges that load-shedding brings, however with the Anker PowerHouse lineup, we believe that South Africans have the opportunity to reclaim their independence from the grid.”


The impact of load-shedding on communications and connectivity can be profound, disrupting remote work and online education. Anker's PowerHouse solutions play a crucial role in maintaining vital links to work, school, and the outside world by ensuring that smartphones, tablets, and internet modems stay powered. Additionally, in the digital age, education is heavily affected by load-shedding, as online learning requires a steady power supply to access educational resources and participate in virtual classes. The Anker 521 and 535 PowerHouse models provide the necessary backup power, enabling uninterrupted learning for students.


Finally, health services are also significantly impacted by load-shedding. Power cuts can disrupt the operation of medical equipment and the refrigeration of medicines, affecting the provision of healthcare services. By providing reliable backup power, Anker's power stations can help to alleviate these concerns.


With the introduction of Anker's 521 and 535 PowerHouse power stations in South Africa, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As we embrace these innovative solutions, South Africans can regain control over their power needs, ensuring life goes on, even when the power goes out.


Source: AETOSWire



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