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Main » 2022 » September » 23 » Arthur D. Little Launches Blue Shift Reports, Addresses Business Potential of Quantum Computing
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Arthur D. Little Launches Blue Shift Reports, Addresses Business Potential of Quantum Computing

LONDON - Thursday, 22. September 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Arthur D. Little (ADL) has published Unleashing The Business Potential Of Quantum Computing, the first in a series of new reports from the company running under the ‘Blue Shift’ banner. These reports will explore the impact of technologies on business, society and humans, covering relevant topics in depth and inviting guest authors, academics and artists to contribute to the conversation.

Unleashing The Business Potential Of Quantum Computing looks at the use cases for quantum computing (QC) as it develops and becomes commercially available.

QC promises to transform business by tackling intractable problems which are currently beyond the abilities of conventional high-performance computers. Potential QC-driven solutions include fully digitalized drug discovery and new materials development through to logistics, supply chain management, and portfolio optimization.

However, while there has been a major acceleration of development activity and investment in QC over the last few years, the path towards maturity is uncertain. QC technology is complex and hard for most people to properly understand, and there are still huge challenges to overcome.

This Blue Shift report from ADL aims to provide a clear overview of the state of play in QC for business readers unfamiliar with the domain, sharing not just potential use cases and applications, but also technology development, including hardware and software, and highlighting key players active in the QC ecosystem. It also provides a realistic perspective on the likelihood and possible timescales for the commercialization of QC.

In addition, the report sets out the steps that companies should take to prepare for the QC future, including exploring applicability, monitoring technical developments, engaging with the ecosystem, and building knowledge and capability.

Dr. Albert Meige, Director of Blue Shift at Arthur D. Little, comments: “Given the current state of play in QC, we recommend that companies take steps now to understand it, as once the technology starts to mature, those that have no internal capability could be especially disadvantaged. It is only by being prepared now that companies can avoid being left behind if and when QC properly takes off.”

Unleashing The Business Potential Of Quantum Computing can be viewed and downloaded here. Unleashing the business potential of quantum computing | Arthur D. Little (

About Arthur D. Little
Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. We are an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. We navigate our clients through changing business ecosystems to uncover new growth opportunities. We enable our clients to build innovation capabilities and transform their organizations.

Our consultants have strong practical industry experience combined with excellent knowledge of key trends and dynamics. ADL is present in the most important business centers around the world. We are proud to serve most of the Fortune 1000 companies, in addition to other leading firms and public sector organizations.

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