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Boomi Introduces Boomi GPT, Further Accelerating Integration and Automation With Conversational AI

The new Boomi AI offering delivers a conversational experience that builds upon 200+ million integrations to drive organization-wide efficiency and scalability


(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boomi™, the intelligent connectivity and automation leader, today announced at its Silicon Valley Boomi World Tour, Boomi GPT, the first offering available in the Boomi AI suite, bringing a simple, conversational experience to the Boomi platform. With Boomi GPT, organizations can harness the power of generative AI to integrate and automate faster than ever before, further democratizing innovation and accelerating business outcomes.

In every industry, companies are under intense pressure to innovate faster and achieve their boldest business ambitions. IT organizations have made massive investments in IT modernization and digital transformation, aiming to increase operational efficiencies while winning the hearts of customers. IDC forecasts $3.25 trillion in worldwide IT spending for 2023 alone.1 Too often though, initiatives are undermined by data fragmentation stemming from siloed systems, lack of data governance, not enough skilled resources, and growing security and compliance mandates. In a world where speed is currency, leapfrogging the competition requires overcoming these complexities.

Learning from 200+ million integrations, Boomi GPT translates words into action to quickly connect applications, data, processes, people, and devices. Customers can use Boomi GPT’s natural language prompt to ask Boomi AI to build integrations, APIs, or master data models. Acting as a knowledgeable assistant or “copilot,” Boomi GPT then designs an outline of the requested integration or other software, which users can accept or modify, greatly accelerating the work of building connections and automations to drive business results.

"For MotionMD® — our award-winning and market-leading orthopedic software solution — interoperability with customers’ existing healthcare systems is imperative for maximizing workflow efficiencies,” said Donald Singelyn, Healthcare Solutions Technology Team Lead at Enovis, an innovation-driven, medical technology growth company. “Our MotionMD Integration Platform, powered by Boomi, enables our low-code analysts to quickly and securely integrate with over 65 unique healthcare solutions in over 3,000 hospitals and clinics. While our competitors struggle to write code and navigate the IT security gauntlet, we are transacting millions of patient agreements per month for our customers. We look forward to seeing how Boomi GPT can even further accelerate our success.”

Earlier this year, Boomi announced Boomi AI, a suite of AI-powered capabilities designed to help organizations apply the power of AI to make unprecedented progress on their strategic initiatives. Building on that vision of AI-powered development, and applying AI learning that resembles users’ thought processes, Boomi GPT brings the power of AI to the important and often time-consuming work of building the connections digital businesses depend on.

“Organizations are working around the clock to deliver innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations while applying extensive connectivity and automation to streamline operations and reduce costs,” said Ed Macosky, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Boomi. “With Boomi AI, organizations can dramatically accelerate and democratize this work, turning natural language requests into integrations and connections that are critical for application modernization and cloud migration. We are thrilled to launch Boomi GPT, the first feature in the Boomi AI suite that will help organizations move with the speed and acumen necessary for success in today’s hypercompetitive markets.”

Find out more about the Boomi AI suite today at

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1 IDC Press Release, IDC's Forecast for Worldwide IT Spending in 2023 Continues to Slowly Trend Downward, April 5, 2023.


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