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The main theme of this 30th edition: “Unlimited Innovation” because the pursuit of innovation is relentless at CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS

PARIS - Monday, March 16th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

CARTES Secure Connexions 2015

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2015 will take place at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre from 17 to 19 November, 2015. The 30th edition of the digital security industry's defining global event will showcase the most comprehensive range of payment, identification and mobility solutions in the world.

The industry has endless capacity for innovation and an unfailing ability to anticipate the needs of professionals and end users alike. As a tribute to this vitality, the main theme of the 2015 edition will be “Unlimited innovation”. This powerful theme reflects the event’s ambition.

A flagship event with a global reach

In November, almost 20,000 delegates from 163 countries (75% of whom work in finance, retail, public service, identity and access, telecommunications or transport) will converge in Paris to explore the latest developments in our digital society.

30 years of “Unlimited innovation”, the main theme of this 30th edition

In 1985, when CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS was first established, the information society had not yet come into being. Personal computers existed but there were no mobile phones, Internet, Google or Facebook. The smart card already existed but it hadn't yet found its way into universal consumer products. That didn't happen until the 90s, when mobility, payment and identification technologies began to emerge.

In 2015, the information society has made way for a digital society in which mobility, dematerialisation and social networks hold sway; a society where people everywhere can connect to a vast pool of real-time information and services whenever they want, and where innovation is key to the competitiveness and growth of businesses and nations alike. As for the digital security industry, it has demonstrated a capacity for perpetual and incredibly intensive innovation, thanks to continuous technological progress.

The main theme of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS in 2015 - “Unlimited Innovation” - clearly reflects this energy in perpetual motion. In fact, this 30th edition aims to bring together in one place all the latest and best innovations from all over the world. The whole philosophy behind the event will be embodied in an illustration of a Moebius strip, representing infinite dematerialisation.

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS is an outstanding showcase for the digital security industry. It strives to keep pace with fast-changing technologies in order to better address the challenges facing the industry, bearing in mind that digital security is an increasingly strategic and high-profile issue.

Claire de LONGEAUX, the new Director of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS

Claire de LONGEAUX has almost 20 years' experience in the organisation of international trade exhibitions. She has been Exhibition Director at Groupe Comexposium since 2010 and as such has organised events like GOURMET Food & Wine SELECTION (the top trade exhibition for the delicatessen industry in Paris) and EQUIPMAG Retail Expo China (exhibition of retail solutions in Shanghai). Today, she organises events on computer security, including the TechnoSecurity and Forensics Investigation Conference (focusing on cybersecurity in the USA).

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, a powerful international network

Since 2010, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS has been operating as a global network that organises events on smart technologies all over the world. The next edition of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS AMERICA will take place from 5 to 7 May 2015 in Washington (USA).



CARTES SECURE CONNECTIONS is the world’s most comprehensive event for Payment, Identification and Mobility. With a complete offer, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS confirms its postion of leading event in the global market of secure solutions for payment, identification and mobility.

Next November, 460 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors from finance, retail, public administrations, identity and access, telecommunications and transport, from 140 countries, will converge in Paris to explore the way our digital company evolves.

For further information: www.cartes.com

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS is organised by COMEXPOSIUM. COMEXPOSIUM, 4th leading event organiser world-wide*, is involved in 114 events for the general public and professionals, covering 17 different sectors. The group welcomes 38,000 exhibitors every year, 40% of whome are international, and 3,5 million visitors, 350,000 of whome come from abroad. COMEXPOSIUM organises 5 of the 10 biggest events held in France: SIAL, Foire de Paris, Intermat, SIMA and Paris International Agricultural Show. Customer satisfaction, innovation, growth and development and commitment to an eco-friendly approach are the key commitments of the COMEXPOSIUM Group’s products. Each event is a market leader, facilitating development, highlighting the sector and pre-empting market trends.



Press contacts

Elke Bellet-Handelmann, +33(0)1 76 77 11 11

CARTES Communications Director




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Cathy Bubbe


Téléphone : 01 42 30 81 00



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