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Cegedim Relationship Management Releases Digital Channel Engagement: A Measurable Opportunity, the Third in a Series of Multichannel White P

Thought Leadership Report Reveals That in Many Global Markets, Digital Engagements Increase Prescription Writing Intent

PARIS - Wednesday, March 11th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cegedim Relationship Management has released its thought leadership white paper, Digital Channel Engagement: A Measurable Opportunity, the third in a series of Cegedim reports on multichannel engagement.

New Trends and Opportunities in Digital Channel Engagement The white paper reveals that digital channel engagement offers quantifiable opportunities for life sciences companies. The report presents the results of worldwide studies conducted by Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), including Health Care Professionals’ (HCP) evaluations of various digital channels, as well as an analysis of the behavioral impact of their interactions with life sciences companies per channel type. The data provides evidence that in many global markets, digital engagements increases prescription writing intent.

Within the context of multichannel engagement, digital channels - while still in the early stages of being included in the marketing mix - are increasing in adoption around the world because they:

    Generally require less time of the HCP
    Offer higher flexibility for HCPs to choose the content, time and format they prefer for receiving medical and product insights
    Are more cost effective for life sciences companies
    Tend to be very engaging

“Information now means more to both patients and HCPs. Therefore, life sciences companies must become best-in-class digital content marketers,” said Emiliano Gummati, Vice President of Product Portfolio Management, Cegedim Relationship Management. “To achieve this end, the digital strategy requires an engagement system to collect and analyze interaction data to better comprehend the customer journey throughout each digital channel. The more understanding companies have regarding their customers’ digital presence, the more personalized and effective their communication strategies can become.”

Global Adoption Trends and Prescribing Behavior Adoption of digital channel engagement varies in different markets around the world, according to CSD, with the highest rates being in Japan (34%), the US (24%) and Poland (20%). Recent research has uncovered strong opportunities in many markets, including those with lower adoption rates. For example, in Italy, where only 2% report use of digital channels - of that group - 43% report that digital engagement positively impacts their prescription intention.

Cegedim Relationship Management, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management, Healthcare Data, Regulatory Compliance, and Marketing Solutions for the life sciences industry, released this thought leadership white paper in the first quarter of 2015. Please click here to access the report, as well as the first and second reports in the series, 2014 Multichannel: Remote Interactions and 2013 Multichannel: Measuring Effectiveness.

About Cegedim Relationship Management:

Cegedim Relationship Management is the Life Sciences industry’s leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Designed specifically for Life Sciences, the company’s innovative business solutions incorporate a thorough understanding of local, regional and worldwide trends. Cegedim Relationship Management enables approximately 200,000 users in many of the world’s most innovative companies to stay ahead of market challenges. In addition to CRM, Cegedim Relationship Management also provides marketing, data optimization and regulatory compliance solutions in more than 80 countries. Cegedim Relationship Management is part of the France-based Cegedim S.A. Group.

To learn more, please visit: www.cegedim.com/rm. Follow Cegedim Relationship Management on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cegedim:

Founded in 1969, Cegedim is a global technology and services company specializing in the healthcare field. Cegedim supplies services, technological tools, specialized software, data flow management services and databases. Its offerings are targeted notably at healthcare industries, life sciences companies, healthcare professionals and insurance companies. The world leader in life sciences CRM, Cegedim is also one of the leading suppliers of strategic healthcare industry data. Cegedim employs almost 8,000 people in more than 80 countries and generated revenue of €912 million in 2014. Cegedim SA is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: CGM).

To learn more, please visit: www.cegedim.com. Follow Cegedim on Twitter: @CegedimGroup.



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