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Main » 2023 » October » 13 » CHINT Invites Worldwide Partners for the Global Energy Nexus at 10th CHINT International Marketing Forum
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CHINT Invites Worldwide Partners for the Global Energy Nexus at 10th CHINT International Marketing Forum


(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Global leading smart energy solutions provider CHINT has held the 10th CHINT International Marketing Forum (CIMF) from October 10 to 14, 2023 in Shanghai, China. Under the theme “Nexus: Empower a Boundless Energy World”, the event brought together more than 300 guests from more than 60 countries, all leaders in the fields of electric power, new energy, industrial, power distribution, and other segments.

“CHINT owns the regional headquarters with a fully-functional structure and is experienced in the migration of capability platforms to better interact professionally with customers,” says Ms. Lily Zhang, President of CHINT Global, “With these backgrounds, CHINT’s strategy is ‘Local for Global, Global for Local’, and invites all the world guests to join us for a better nexus of global energy.”

Held biennially since 2005, CIMF also serves as an exclusive venue to connect and collaborate with peers. After experiencing the expansion of its scale, the accumulation of customers, and joint efforts from all parties, CIMF has enabled attendees to exchange insights, address emerging challenges, and seize future opportunities. The 10th CIMF returned to a face-to-face format with a live webcast on the official website and the Go CHINT app, following the previous edition being held entirely virtually. It provided a valuable platform for CHINT to share its progress in tackling the various opportunities and challenges in the industry, as well as function as a valuable chance for CHINT’s customers to engage with world-renowned experts from the energy sector.

The forum allowed attendees to listen to industry experts as they analyze the latest trends and forecast the trajectory of the global energy sector. The forum once again gathered global perspectives and delivered observations and practices of world power energy. Mr. Nan Cunhui, Chairman of CHINT Group, said in his keynote speech that the new economy has become the mainstay of development, and CHINT called for concerted global action to accelerate the green energy transformation.

Ms. Lily Zhang said that the 10th CIMF is also an opportunity for all walks of life to get to know CHINT again. Regarding CHINT’s regional globalization, industry-wide capabilities, open cooperation model, and multi-scenario customization capabilities, CHINT will be more closely connected with global customers.

The forum also featured a panel discussion titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Global Businesses in the New Era”, which covered global climate change, geopolitics, sustainable development, and the need for an orderly energy transition. The roundtable was hosted by Ms. Mattie Bekink, China Director of the Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, as the host of this part, together with Ms. Liu Meng, General Representative of the Asia-Pacific Region of the United Nations Global Compact, Mr. Kenneth Jarrett, Senior Advisor of ASG, and Mr. Prabhu Ramkumar, Vice President and Head of Sustainability of TÜV SÜD North Asia.

In the sub-forum, CHINT showcased some of its technologies, such as energy storage, data center, low-carbon, mobile substation, and new material graphene applications, which seek to contribute to the deep decarbonization of its energy mix. CHINT is continuously refining its smart solar solutions, including its low-carbon street lighting system, to increase efficiency and capacity, helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It has also developed comprehensive mobile substation technology, allowing quick deployment to areas that need additional energy.

Under the consensus of global carbon reduction, the Chinese government has promised to achieve carbon peak in 2023. Following this lead, CHINT released its carbon emission reduction path, promising to achieve operational carbon neutrality in 2028, operational net-zero emissions in 2035, and realizing it across the entire value chain in 2050. Net-zero emissions, while empowering the industry with solutions such as green source, smart network, load reduction, and new storage to help key industries achieve carbon neutrality. CHINT Electric and Kearney jointly released the CHINT Electric Carbon Neutrality White Paper and will release a series of industry white papers on various industrial and environmental issues that the company is tackling in its products and business operations.

Within the CIMF Events there shall be the opportunity for CHINT to highlight their heritage as a Chinese founded company where on the first day guests/ attendants will be able to experience a culture park of the history of Shanghai. On the morning of the 13th guests will learn the Tai chi program “a Chinese martial art”. On the final day there shall be a boat ride across the Ou Jiang river, to enjoy tea and reflect on the event and its outcomes.

About CHINT Global

Founded in 1984, CHINT’s operations now span more than 140 countries and regions, with more than 40,000 employees worldwide. Over the years, CHINT has built strong global manufacturing and R&D capabilities, with a total of 18 manufacturing bases and four global R&D centers.


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