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Main » 2020 » October » 15 » Covid-19: Is the Security of Travelers in Professional Mobility (Expatriates, Consultants, Long Missions...) Well Assured?
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Covid-19: Is the Security of Travelers in Professional Mobility (Expatriates, Consultants, Long Missions...) Well Assured?

PARIS-Thursday 15 October 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As much as the security of business travelers is taken into account by large companies, when it comes to an extended stay, there are holes in the racket.

Indeed, in the event of a problem in a city, a company can quickly identify its business travelers present, thanks to its security operator (iSOS, WorldAware, SSF...), and repatriate them if necessary. On the other hand, travelers who are in that city on a long-term trip will not have used the same reservation circuits and will be very difficult to locate.

Long-term accommodation, or temporary accommodation while waiting to find permanent accommodation for expatriates, for example, is often booked by different people in the company, directly on several internet platforms such as, Airbnb, Booking, HomeAway, and there is no centralization of information. This lack of centralization does not allow the real-time transmission of information from the booking to the security operator and thus prevents many companies from ensuring its duty of care towards its employees on long missions. is a new solution that facilitates the booking process for medium- and long-term accommodation. This solution, which is aimed at companies (HRD, Mobility Manager, etc.), allows in particular:

Creation of an accommodation file, invitation of the persons concerned in the company and assignment of roles,
Search for accommodation on all internet platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, MagicStay or with real estate agencies,
Presentation of a selection to the traveler and obtaining his choice,
Direct booking or on the selected platform
Quick and easy centralization of all documents related to the accommodation (lease or rental agreement, inventory of fixtures, deposits, cancellation, payments...),
Automated reminder of important deadlines,
Real-time transmission of information to the company's security operator.
With Extendeez®, those responsible for booking accommodation will have an intuitive tool that will allow them to save a lot of time and efficiency in their work. On the management side of the business, Extendeez® finally provides a centralized view of these expense items and, above all, ensures the safety of employees on long-term assignments.

Extendeez® is an open solution, accessible online for free for a large part of the functionalities, and with two subscriptions (SaaS model) for extended options.

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