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DAISHIN's 5-Axis Machined Solid Pin Badge Online Shop "AEROPins" Grand Open!
A machined master piece to give happiness for everyone to wear!

ME Newswire  / Business Wire

SAITAMA, Japan - Monday, November 11th 2013

"DAISHIN”, a metal machining company winning awards worldwide, will open a machined pin badge shop site for "AEROPins”! Shopsite-URL:

Simultaneous 5 axis machining technology is the latest machining technology available. DAISHIN is the leader for this technology and created original machining models and prototypes. About Simultaneous 5-axis machining:

For example: machined solid aluminum helmets machined solid aluminum guitar machined solid titanium frame helmet inlaid with gold and aluminum Gallery-URL:

Advertising the information through video site and multimedia, now there are many DAISHIN fans around the world.

Previous machining models crafted by DAISHIN were not available for sale and it was not possible to provide those machined beautiful products. Now everyone can enjoy DAISHIN AERO Pins!

Manufacturing is changing as described in Chris Anderson's famous book "Makers”. DAISHIN is at the forefront of this change utilizing the internet and the latest generation of Simultaneous 5 Axis machining centers.

AERO Pins were originally created as DAISHIN’s company lapel pin badge. This newly designed solid one piece pin badge impressed the business partners so much that they wanting their own and demanded one.

There were so many requests so they decided to open the AERO Pins online shop for everyone to enjoy and design their own.

To wear a real Simultaneous 5 Axis machined product will make DAISHIN fans through the world happy.

The countdown for AERO Pins online shop has started and will open on November 11th at 11am, find us here: Aerospace prototype jet engine modeled brisk pin badge for aeronautical fans and as jewelry.

There are 3 types of AEROPins; "Brillio” A central SWAROVSKI crystal setting. "Volare” A Jet engine fan modeled. "Legame” The most customizable Simultaneous 5 Axis machined.

You can customize your AERO Pins by selecting color combination to create your own original Simultaneous 5 Axis machined pin badges.

Decorate your lifestyle with this gorgeous precious lapel pin badge!



Ryosuke Omachi

Tel: +81-48-462-0832







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