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Diligent Launches Board Reporting for Audit, Giving Directors Unprecedented Clarity Into Key Risks and Controls to Identify Opportunities fo

Standardized dashboards enable audit professionals to deliver accurate and easily digestible reports, helping boards provide better oversight of risks and controls

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Diligent, the global leader in modern governance providing SaaS solutions across governance, risk, compliance, audit and ESG, today announced the launch of Board Reporting for Audit, a first-of-its-kind dashboard that streamlines audit reporting to bring easily digestible intelligence to the board. Built on the only platform that supports an organization through its entire GRC journey, Board Reporting for Audit consolidates internal audit data into one straightforward dashboard to better monitor controls, track audit plan progress and securely surface important insights to help boards drive the organization forward.

“Reporting on your audit team's progress can be an arduous task, and making sense of all that data and explaining what it means to your company's strategy is even more challenging,” said Adam Bailey, SVP, Global Head of Product at Diligent. “Using insights gathered from over 20 years of experience working with boards, Board Reporting for Audit from Diligent enables you to deliver consistent, easily digestible reports with accurate and auditable data — empowering the board with the right insights to make better decisions, faster.”

Board Reporting for Audit benefits both functional leaders and board members, making data collection more efficient so internal audit professionals can share important insights directly with the audit committee and board, elevating their understanding of key risks and opportunities and positioning audit as a leading voice in shaping the organization's strategy.

Key features of the dashboard include:

Audit plan and control testing progress to determine how much planned work has been completed, is in progress or has yet to be started.

Open high and critical issues, highlighting any deficiencies or weaknesses, the impact of those deficiencies on the organization, and remediation status.

Key performance metrics year over year, identifying trends or patterns and enabling leadership to understand the underlying factors driving performance and make more informed decisions.

"Right now there is a deluge of data coming at directors, and knowing what's important and what's not, and managing that information flow, can be a challenge,” said Ellen Masterson, Independent Director/Governor at Westwood Holdings Group, The Doctors Company and Insperity. “Diligent streamlines audit reporting so that you’re not just getting data, you’re getting insights that can help identify risks and opportunities to drive the business forward.”

“The process of compiling data, verifying its accuracy, and preparing reports can be extremely time consuming. Not to mention, presenting the data to management and the board in a way that paints an easily digestible picture can be a challenge,” said Jim Logan, Director of Audit Operations, Massachusetts Department of Transportation. “Diligent simplifies audit reporting so we can do more, faster, while helping the board focus on the information that matters and improve how we service our constituents.”

To learn more about how Diligent can help your organization streamline board-level reporting on audit and across your business, visit Diligent’s Board Reporting Toolkit.

About Diligent

Diligent is the global leader in modern governance, providing SaaS solutions across governance, risk, compliance, audit and ESG. Empowering more than 1 million users and 750,000 board members and leaders with a holistic view of their organization’s GRC practices so they can make better decisions, faster. No matter the challenge. Learn more at


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For More Information:
Julia Hanbury
Senior Communications Manager, Diligent
+1 (604) 669-4225


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