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Elixir Introduces Tango+, the First SaaS Platform for Customer Communications that Fully Empowers Non-technical Users

OJAI, Calif. - Thursday, April 9th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Elixir Technologies announced today the release of Tango+, a customer communications management solution designed to free enterprises from IT-controlled workflows with a business user experience that empowers non-technical users to perform complex tasks. The Tango+ pioneering 100 percent SaaS, cloud-based platform delivers capabilities beyond legacy customer communications management (CCM) systems that too often have a limited range of functionality. Tango+ makes it possible for business users to manage any part of the workflow with deceptively simple drag and drop actions, allowing them to coalesce and repurpose content as needed. It is the first solution on the market that effectively brings together an environment where technology and business users can collaborate with ease.

“Tango+ leapfrogs the way enterprises have traditionally managed their customer communications. We anticipated the future demand for putting the control of documents in the hands of business users many years ago and have spent the past seven years re-thinking every function and every interaction that companies have with their business communications. We knew that simplicity, speed and seamless ease of use were central to the plan from the beginning—and the result is Tango+,” said Basit Hamid, founder and CEO of Elixir Technologies. “What excites us is that Tango+ truly meets the need for a complete content life cycle management solution that simplifies the development of communications with a workflow that serves the way businesses need to work today.”

The company reports that early adopters in the healthcare market already using Tango+ are experiencing a dramatic reduction in cost and time-to-market for deadline driven, compliant customer communications. Tango+ is making this business impact possible with the solution’s ability to allow non-technical users to build templates, manage data and quickly comply with regulatory changes as they arise. Additionally, real time proofing and interactive audit trails empower users to prioritize workflows on the fly, further optimizing production efficiency.

Tango+ uses business rules and automation to manage processes and user participation. Features that support this collaborative workflow environment and time-to-market needs include:

    Automated adaptation of workflows
    User portals that configure in real time with the functionality needed
    Reusable templates, content and workflows
    Dynamic editing environment based on permissions
    Realtime proofing and approvals
    Data and print support for all standard formats
    Plug-ins for popular desktop applications
    Industry-standard identity management and CMIS for content management
    Subscription model pricing for single document apps and the ability to add others as business requirements change
    Subscription model pricing to accommodate individual lines of business
    Deployed on premise or hosted cloud environments

Hamid has been on the cutting edge of new technology since he was part of the team that developed the first graphical user interface in 1983. He then went on to start Elixir Technologies in 1985, taking software to the next phase by moving from solutions that produced documents with merged data and graphics to software that allowed for fully variable content that could be dynamically formatted and printed in real time.

Tango+ is built on the company’s industry leading Tango, the first 100 percent SaaS document composition solution. Four of the top health insurance companies in the U.S. are using Tango today for their customer communications management. Tango+ is the result of the company’s more than 30 years of experience in developing innovative software solutions that answer the evolving need for agility and speed of deployment.

For more information on Tango+ please visit

About Elixir

Elixir provides technology and services that help organizations improve communications to customers, streamline processes and reduce operational costs. Founded in 1985, Elixir has consistently provided state-of-the-art technology for industries of all sizes, including healthcare, insurance and financial services. Elixir is a global company with offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and headquarters in the United States. Visit us at


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