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Main » 2019 » February » 6 » Ensuring the Health and Safety of Global Aquaculture: House Wellness Foods’ Feed LP20® Boosts Commercial Nile Tilapia Production, Reduces An
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Ensuring the Health and Safety of Global Aquaculture: House Wellness Foods’ Feed LP20® Boosts Commercial Nile Tilapia Production, Reduces An

HYOGO, Japan-Friday 1 February 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In the ongoing effort to battle world hunger and expand the production of healthy livestock, House Wellness Foods’ groundbreaking, immunobiotic-based Feed LP20® has once again produced conclusive research, as it previously did in the case of Whiteleg shrimp, proving that the stock of Nile Tilapia [Oreochromis niloticus], one of the most commercially viable farmable seafood species available, can be expanded with greater health and efficiency, bestowing benefits to worldwide commerce while simultaneously producing a better, safer and more nutritious food for consumers.

Increased tilapia consumption brought issues with water quality, disease, increased use of pesticides, disinfectants, and antibiotics. Yet despite interventions, producers were unable to stem a trend toward poor growth and high mortality, and consequently, decreased profitability. Heightening the problem, nationwide food concerns are increasingly moving toward banning the use of all food products farmed using antibiotics.

In 2016, House Wellness Foods, long-respected pioneer in the study and development of heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 (HK L-137), published industry-upending research proving, for the first time, their then-new immunobiotic Feed LP20® effective in supporting the immune system of the Whiteleg shrimp [L. vannamei], reversing disease trends and increasing reproduction.

Feed LP20® is a functional product containing 20% HK L-137, developed for livestock and fisheries as an alternative to antibiotic regimens. The latest research investigates aspects of growth, immune response, and notably, stress resistance in controlled tilapia populations, concluding that fish fed an HK L-137 diet grew larger and showed significantly greater phagocyte and lysozyme activity, along with lower mortality (at rates as low as 20 ppm) and most of all, resistance to stress, an inevitable component of aquatic farming. Heat-inactivation, which provides the unique stability of House’s flagship human immune-system support supplement Immuno LP-20, proved equally effective in the aquatic farming environment.

Feed LP20® fulfills the essential promise of immunobiotics, to enhance innate immune functions, warding off destructive cellular activity before its effects necessitate the use of solutions such as antibiotics and antimicrobials. In this, the application of LP20® comes as close to a form of insurance against aquacultural and environmental decline as has yet been developed.

Satoru Onoda (Mr.) from House Wellness Foods

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