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Main » 2023 » October » 17 » GHAYA’s inaugural 'WORLD WITH PURPOSE' summit paves the way for the rise of a global impact economy
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GHAYA’s inaugural 'WORLD WITH PURPOSE' summit paves the way for the rise of a global impact economy

GHAYA, a UAE "purpose to impact" strategy consultancy, is proud to unveil the inaugural "WORLD WITH PURPOSE" summit titled “THE RISE OF A GLOBAL IMPACT ECONOMY”. Under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Economy and in partnership with MAJRA, National CSR Fund, the summit is scheduled to take place on November 7th and 8th, 2023 at the landmark JA The Resort, awarded 'Dubai Most Sustainable five-star Resort’.

WORLD WITH PURPOSE 2023 (WWP23), was born out of the dedication of enthusiastic executives who had a strong desire to make a significant impact in the Middle East and Africa. This project aims to initiate a crucial conversation in the region about the importance of businesses going beyond mere profit generation and focusing on creating lasting value and influence. WWP23 stands as a leading force in the movement towards a worldwide impact-driven economy, advocating for sustainable and meaningful transformation.

WWP23 acts as a stage for showcasing and disseminating local success stories while also serving as a platform for driving positive global change.

This event is held on an annual basis, with alternating locations between the UAE and various other host countries, underscoring GHAYA's commitment to fostering a global sense of interconnectedness.

The inaugural summit is dedicated to transforming the business and sustainability landscape starting from purpose. It aims to support the UAE public sector's role in global sustainability, fostering discussions on businesses as a force for good, emphasizing impact investing and the G20 roadmap, and propelling purpose-driven leadership and climate action. It also aims to inspire leaders and organizations to commit to the WORLD WITH PURPOSE Pledge, recognize UAE SMEs driving impact through technology, create impactful partnerships, and highlight best practices for purpose-led business.

With an impressive speaker lineup featuring world bankers, economists, thought leaders, futurists, and even a monk, the summit is set to deliver disruptive conversations to unleash the power of business as a force for good and enable global prosperity, where no one is left behind.

WWP23 underscores the vital role of leadership with a clear sense of purpose in the business world, encouraging unwavering dedication to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ("UN SDGs") and nurturing collaborative partnerships aimed at creating meaningful change. By facilitating the exchange of global thought leadership, best practices and innovative ideas for a more purposeful way of doing business, WWP23 aspires to leave a lasting imprint, effectively bridging the divide between COP28, the G20, and the ongoing global sustainability initiatives.

Speaking on the upcoming summit series, Roberta Calarese, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GHAYA, said, “We are thrilled to announce the inaugural 'WORLD WITH PURPOSE' summit. While the UAE's public sector has boldly championed values of purpose, collaboration, and sustainability, the private sector has shown a slower pace in embracing these ideals. This discrepancy has fostered short-sighted profit-driven perspectives, resulting in environmental degradation. A remarkable opportunity lies ahead for businesses to rediscover their purpose, balancing profitability with community and environmental stewardship. The winds of change are upon us, and our mission is to tap into the power of business as a force for good to enable global prosperity”.

Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Co-founder of Ghaya and CEO of Goumbook continued, “To address these challenges, it is crucial to reimagine the role of business, shift leadership mindsets towards long-term, purpose-driven perspectives, and align profit with purpose. Collaboration is key, bringing together governments, businesses, civil society, and individuals to drive responsible practices and create a positive impact.”

Through the knowledge partnership held with “Majra” the National CSR Fund at the “World With Purpose” summit, the Fund contributes to achieving its goals in spreading awareness of sustainability, sustainable impact, and social responsibility, and in highlighting and supporting companies that work purposefully and positively in implementing ESG and SDG’s and holding dialogue sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, and issuing white papers for various sessions to magnify sustainable impact.

"WORLD WITH PURPOSE" takes a practical lead for transformation of the private sector positioning the UAE at the forefront of global sustainability efforts in the Middle East and Africa, as it seamlessly aligns with the nation's strategic commitment to support the UN SDGs.

The summit is limited to 300 guests which will include 100 youth leaders and changemakers and is by invitation only. Applications to attend can be made via the GHAYA website


GHAYA is a UAE-born "purpose to impact" strategy consultancy dedicated to empowering leaders and businesses to balance economic growth with social and environmental progress. GHAYA's mission is to champion embedding purpose at the core of business strategies and aligning them with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contributing to the rise of a global impact economy.

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