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Main » 2020 » September » 9 » Invivoscribe Appoints Loui Madakamutil to Lead Its Therapeutics Division as Chief Scientific Officer
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Invivoscribe Appoints Loui Madakamutil to Lead Its Therapeutics Division as Chief Scientific Officer

SAN DIEGO-Tuesday 8 September 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Invivoscribe, Inc., an industry pioneer in developing and commercializing diagnostic products and reagents for hematological malignancies, announced today key members of the leadership team hired to direct Invivoscribe Therapeutics, Inc., its fully integrated drug development engine.

Invivoscribe Therapeutics recently in-licensed a small molecule program from Domainex as candidate first-in-class small molecules against a non-canonical pathway enzyme to treat AML. This and other small molecule programs will allow Invivoscribe to take advantage of synergies with its existing in-house expertise of developing and leveraging diagnostics, coupled with patient access, to significantly accelerate drug development at a much lower cost.

Invivoscribe recruited Loui Madakamutil to lead the new division as Chief Scientific Officer, and to be a co-founder of the division. Loui was most recently the Senior Vice President and Head of Discovery and Preclinical Development at Nektar Therapeutics. Previously Loui had senior roles at large pharma companies Celgene, Takeda and JnJ. He has more than 20 years of experience in novel project conceptualization and developing drug candidates into clinical development. Another key hire to the therapeutics division is Ken Goodwill, who earned degrees from MIT and Berkeley, and for fourteen years served in various roles in preclinical development at Takeda. Ken will help direct chemistry, drug development and manufacturing activities.

“Both Loui and Ken bring extensive pre-clinical drug development and pharma experience which is expected to quickly advance our vision of precision medicine,” said Jeffrey E. Miller, CSO & CEO of Invivoscribe, Inc.

“Invivoscribe’s initiative to launch into small molecule drug development is very exciting. Our vision is to fully integrate drug development with our existing expertise in diagnostic test development and worldwide access to patients. Invivoscribe will now control and oversee all these activities,” said Loui Madakamutil. “We believe our ability to seamlessly incorporate a patient selection strategy early in the drug development process will allow us to develop drugs faster, with rapid decision making, ensuring a higher success rate.”

About Invivoscribe

Invivoscribe, Inc. has been Improving Lives with Precision Diagnostics® for more than twenty-five years, advancing the field of precision medicine by developing and selling standardized reagents, tests, and bioinformatics tools to more than 700 customers in 160 countries. Invivoscribe also has a significant impact on global health working with pharmaceutical companies to accelerate approvals of new drugs and treatments by supporting international clinical trials, developing, commercializing companion diagnostics, and providing expertise in both regulatory and laboratory services. With its proven ability to provide global access to distributable reagents, kits, and controls, as well as clinical trial services through our international clinical lab subsidiaries (LabPMM), Invivoscribe has demonstrated it is an ideal partner. For additional information please contact Invivoscribe at: customerservice@invivoscribe.com or visit: www.invivoscribe.com.

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Kay Cline

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