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2:20 PM
Japan Smart City Portal Transmits Specific Content and Results of Front-Line Operational Experiments
TOKYO. - Wednesday, January 15th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE) The Japan Smart City Portal (JSCP) is a website transmitting information in English, Chinese, and Japanese on the latest trends relating to next-generation energy and social operational experiments being promoted in four regions in Japan (Yokohama, Toyota, Keihanna [Kyoto], and Kitakyushu) toward the realization of smart cities and smart communities. The portal introduces state-of-the-art activities and achievements in Japan, such as the operation of demand response for ordinary households implemented in the summer of 2013, a car sharing service using ultra-small electric vehicles, and the supply of electricity to buildings by fuel cell buses.

For details, please visit the Japan Smart City Portal.

English = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/en/

Yokohama = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/en/yokohama/index.shtml

Toyota = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/en/toyota/index.shtml

Keihanna[Kyoto] = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/en/keihanna/index.shtml

Kitakyushu = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/en/kitakyushu/index.shtml

Chinese = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/cn/

Yokohama = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/cn/yokohama/index.html

Toyota = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/cn/toyota/index.html

Keihanna[Kyoto] = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/cn/keihanna/index.html

Kitakyushu = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/cn/kitakyushu/index.html

Japanese = http://jscp.nepc.or.jp/

Next-generation energy and social operational experiments are challenging projects toward the realization of smart cities and smart communities being promoted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. In the above-mentioned four regions, these experiments cover a wide range of fields, including demand response through the visualization of energy, home energy management systems, building energy management systems, community energy management systems, and electric vehicles.

The JSCP is operated by the New Energy Promotion Council (http://www.nepc.or.jp/), which promotes operational experiments.


Inquiry forms

English: https://bpcgi.nikkeibp.co.jp/form-cgi/formhtml.cgi?form=jscp1209en/index.html

Chinese: https://bpcgi.nikkeibp.co.jp/form-cgi/formhtml.cgi?form=jscp1209cn/index.html

Japanese: https://bpcgi.nikkeibp.co.jp/form-cgi/formhtml.cgi?form=jscp1206/index.html

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