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Main » 2015 » March » 10 » Lausanne to reunite the world’s major “Brain Initiatives”
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Lausanne to reunite the world’s major “Brain Initiatives”

Saudi Arabia - Wednesday, March 4th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

Brain Forum 2015

The Brain Forum 2015 will bring together top scientists and entrepreneurs from the biggest “brain initiatives” of recent years. The event will run from March 29 to April 1 at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne.

“The scientific exploration of the human brain is a fundamental tool for answering the challenges of the 21st century,” says Dr Walid Juffali, chairman of the W Science Initiative and founder of The Brain Forum. “Putting together the discoveries of cutting-edge brain research is essential for everyone because it directly affects the future trajectory of society.”

With the rising socioeconomic burden of brain disorders at the forefront of many science and policy decisions, the Brain Forum and EPFL have invited representatives from all major “brain initiatives” that have been launched recently. The SwissTech Convention Center (Lausanne, Switzerland) will house a 3-day forum bringing together for the first time scientists and entrepreneurs from The Human Brain Project (EU), the Allen Brain Initiative (US), as well as representatives from the counterpart Chinese brain projects. The registration is open now on www.thebrainforum.org

Taking place from March 29 to April 1, The Brain Forum 2015 is a joint venture with the W Science Initiative. During these three days, stakeholders will share their research and exchange ideas with an audience including policymakers, private investors, research foundations and scientists.

Policy choices for the future of brain research

The policy choices of the immediate future will heavily influence the direction of 21st century neuroscience. The human brain has become the next frontier of science, with most advances being made over the last couple of decades. The pioneering researchers behind these breakthroughs will share their experiences and discuss a wide range of topics related to their different areas of expertise, such as the socioeconomic impact of brain diseases, brain simulation, personalized medicine, entrepreneurship, research funding, and policymaking.

A burning topic among the experts and policymakers is the field’s increasing use of advanced computer technology. This is especially the case in international efforts to model the human brain, such as The Human Brain Project in Europe and similar initiatives in the US. The Brain Forum will be ideally placed to hear from and engage with leading scientists in these programs.

Brain entrepreneurs

Special attention is given to fostering economic opportunities in neuroscience with the Innovation Corner, an exhibition area for select Swiss start-ups and established companies working on advanced brain research. Around 20 companies will present their latest ideas for bridging the gap between neuroscience in the lab and industrial/commercial applications.

The Brain Forum:

About The Brain Forum – www.thebrainforum.org / info@thebrainforum.org

The Brain Forum, first launched in 2013, brings together novel thinkers and pioneers in the fields of brain research, technology and healthcare. Academics, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, investors and policy makers will meet at The Brain Forum 2015 to share their knowledge, experience and vision for the future.

About EPFL – www.epfl.ch

EPFL is one of the most international higher education institutions in Europe. It counts among its ranks roughly 10,000 students and 5,000 employees representing more than 120 nationalities. Education and research are organized into five schools and two colleges, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work. In 2013, the European Commission selected the Human Brain Project, an international effort at understanding the human brain, led by EPFL, as a “FET Flagship initiative”.

About W Science

W Science Laboratories AG is a private company that provides funding as well as technology and leadership resources to support initiatives that enable the integration and packaging of science with information technologies that advance personal healthcare and well-being.

The goal is to create an interdisciplinary, dynamic environment to address new age health challenges and rapidly develop innovative applications using prevailing technologies across sectors.


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