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Main » 2023 » January » 18 » Megaport Achieves the AWS Outposts Ready Service Designation
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Megaport Achieves the AWS Outposts Ready Service Designation

BRISBANE, Australia - Tuesday, 17. January 2023


AWS customers can now use Megaport to privately and securely connect Outposts racks to AWS Direct Connect service locations

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1) ("Megaport"), a global leading Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, announced today that Megaport has earned an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready Partner designation as part of the AWS Service Ready Program. AWS customers can use Megaport’s global, private Software Defined Network to securely connect Outposts racks to AWS Direct Connect service locations, enabling more reliable and performant application migrations and operations to Outposts.

The AWS Service Ready Program provides customers with AWS Partner software solutions that have passed a technical validation for sound architecture and have proven customer success. AWS Outposts Ready Partners offer products that work with Outposts deployments. These products have been tested by Outposts and follow AWS security and architecture best practices. As part of this program, Megaport’s solutions come confidently recommended based on technical validation and testing performed by AWS Partner Solutions Architects.

“We’re thrilled to be named an AWS Outposts Ready Partner,” explained Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer of Megaport. “Many of our customers run applications that have low-latency requirements and must run on-premises, and using Megaport to privately connect Outposts racks to AWS Direct Connect service locations ensures that these applications run reliably and are highly performant.”

Megaport and Outposts customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Service Ready: The AWS Service Ready designation means the solution has been tested, validated, and proven by AWS.
  • Network resilience: The Megaport solution for Outposts rack allows a redundant architecture for the critical AWS Region connectivity.
  • More data centre choices: The Megaport solution for Outposts rack allows the customer to choose the desired data centre operator and location with fewer restrictions. Choose from over 100 data centre operators and 780+ locations globally.

Customers of Megaport and Outposts can use their own network equipment, such as routers and switches, inside the data centres where their Outposts racks are deployed; or use Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), a virtual routing service, for dynamic BGP routing to AWS Direct Connect. With MCR, an enterprise can reduce the amount of hardware, space, and power required for a hybrid cloud deployment using AWS Direct Connect and Outposts racks.

“Being able to ramp up the bandwidth whenever we need allows us to scale our sports visualisation systems at speed and only pay for what we need – that is the most amazing part of using Megaport to connect to AWS,” said John Rendall, Head of Technology and Innovation for Animation Research Ltd / Virtual Eye, a multi-award-winning sports graphics production company.

“We are excited that Megaport is one of our first AWS Partners to achieve an AWS Outposts Ready designation,” said Mike Davis, Principal Outposts GTM Spec, AWS WWSO Compute. “This new validation will make it easier for AWS Outposts customers to use resilient, private connectivity on AWS Outposts, helping to optimise their hybrid cloud deployments.”

About Megaport

Megaport is a leading provider of Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions. The company’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) helps businesses rapidly connect their network to services via an easy-to-use portal or our open API. Megaport offers agile networking capabilities that reduce operating costs and increase speed to market compared to traditional networking solutions. Megaport partners with the world’s top cloud service providers as well as the largest data centre operators, systems integrators and managed service providers in the world. Megaport is an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company.







Eric Troyer, Chief Marketing Officer, Megaport
Phone: +61 7 3088 7400


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