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Main » 2015 » August » 31 » MoI Council in Al Ain Addresses School Violence
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MoI Council in Al Ain Addresses School Violence

In line with the return of the school year

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Sunday, August 30th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

In an MoI council hosted by Bakhit Suwaidan Bakhit Al Nuaimi at his home in Al Ain, participating citizens recommended that the Community Police, Social Support Centers, and the Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC) coordinate in response to the violence among school students. Additionally, the participants unanimously agreed on the need to activate the role of the parents through opening the channels of dialogue between the parents and the children in order to eliminate this phenomenon.  

The participants of the council stressed that the responsibility to address school violence among students is not limited to a single entity; rather, it is a collective responsibility that starts with the family and reaches through educational institutions and the concerned governmental authorities. They concluded that awareness should be intensified for both students and their parents through coordinated and cohesive measures. The council, moderated by personality Abdullah Ismail from Dubai Media Incorporated, comes within the series of councils organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

Within the discourse of the council, the participants discussed the impact violence has on children and what underlying reasons and circumstances may lead students towards adopting such negative behavior. The council additionally addressed the means of treatment and protection from school violence and how to identify problematic areas. They noted that school violence is not limited to physical abuse, as it may also lead to psychological damage – which has the capability of inflicting far more serious and lasting consequences for students.

The dialogue touched on the MoI’s efforts to address school violence and to provide comprehensive care through services provided by its affiliated departments, most notably in the field of child protection.

The participants also agreed that educational institutions are key pillars for teaching youth the fundamentals of good values, manners, and respect for others. The school environment is a fertile atmosphere to nurture and build-up impressionable generations and to reduce school violence through the promotion of cultural awareness. It was noted that the student’s main environment was that of the family, and it should be free from all forms of physical and psychological violence. Participants stated that they believe that these steps can be achieved by strengthening the communication between the family and the school, and through strengthening a culture of dialogue between parents and children.

Upon conclusion of the council, Bakhit Suwaidan Al Nuaimi expressed his utmost appreciation and gratitude to the MoI for their initiative to organize the awareness councils that discuss various issues concerning the citizens and the future of their children in a friendly environment. Through this, he said that the relationships and communal bonds are strengthened, and the access to the recommendations contributes to addressing the matters at hand and promoting the efforts of official and public bodies.

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