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My Vision is to Create Something of Great Value to the World: Mahmood Ahmadu, Founder – OIS

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Monday 28 January 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- For someone who is devoted to working hard and determined to be a successful entrepreneur, it all started with a humble beginning. We got an opportunity to interview Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Online Integrated Solutions Ltd, who has been recognized & awarded at various occasions among the Nigerian and International community for the multinational presence in over 30 international locations across 10 different time zones.

We got to know more about him during this interview, especially on his vision and inspiration, and how he has succeeded in building such a powerful technology company serving several government institutions and corporations in over 52 countries. Here is an excerpt from interview:

What is OIS, and what do they do?
OIS is primarily a technology company, and founded with a vision to become the one stop shop for all Nigerian visa processing including biometrics, administration and collection. We provide technical support to various diplomatic missions around the world including India and China.

There is no question that you have built probably the largest technology company coming out of Africa. What drives you?
My vision is to demonstrate something great can come out of Africa, and indeed the Black race, especially in business. When I see global giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, IBM and the like, I ask myself why not Africa too. So my vision is to create something of great value to the world, serving humanity and demonstrating the excellence of being black.

What inspires you?
People who have the ability to think outside of the proverbial box. People who are big picture thinkers, who are solution focused and who believe all things are possible. I am inspired by people who built something out of nothing, regardless of their humble beginnings. I am inspired by people who never accept NO for an answer. Finally people who respect human dignity.

Who would you say has been the biggest influence in your life?
My mother has been my biggest influence both in my career and my life.

What are your thoughts about Africa’s potential?
Africa without any doubt will play a huge role in the world in the coming decades. Currently Africa has some of the most highly educated and trained professionals in the world. The level of entrepreneurial creativity and innovation I see among many young Africans fills my heart with hope and joy. More than anything else I feel what many need from their governments in Africa is the enabling environment; the right infrastructure like good roads, rail, constant power and stability, and the people will do the rest. Africans are naturally creative and resilient, and they will find a way once the above are put in place.

What advice do you have for the youths and the emerging entrepreneurs?
They should learn to train their minds to focus on solving difficult problems. They should not only focus on the low hanging fruits because some of the greatest opportunities are found in difficulties. They must develop persistence and make a promise to themselves never to give up no matter what life throws at them. Finally they must not be afraid to dream big dreams and not focus on how the dreams will materialise.

What is your next focus in terms of business goals?
To create a really strong and innovative business, and to focus more on Corporate Social Responsibility. Even though I have prided myself on giving back to society, I do not believe I do enough to the extent I dream of. I want to put CSR at the very heart of my business. Over the years I have been involved in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) functions, dedicating my life earnings to help others in charitable causes such as education funding for children in Adamawa State under the Binta Foundation and other causes like the Diabetes Association aid organization.

Notably, Mr. Mahmood Ahmadu has been recognized for his various community contributions such as ‘The 2016 Asia Voice Charity Award.’ In the same year he was awarded ‘The London Leadership and Peace Award.’ He was also bestowed ‘The Nigerian Economic Development Award’ in the International Strategic Alliance Committee (ISAC) London, U.K.

He is the first one to hold the recipient of the Empowering Local Communities. He was granted ‘The Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) in 2016. He received ‘The Institute of Directors Award (IOD)’ in the UK. Lastly, Mahmood Ahmadu was honored ‘The Officer of the Order of Niger Award (OON)’.

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Name - Rabiatu Shettima
Company Name - Online Integrated Solutions
Contact No. +971 544328761
Designation - PR Manager

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