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Neustar Transforms DDoS Mitigation Service with Speed, Flexibility and Capability

Neustar SiteProtect Enhances Automation, Traffic Flows, Management and Visibility of DDoS Mitigation Service; Research Indicates DDoS Attacks Have Become Sophisticated, Consistent and Relentless

STERLING, Va. - Tuesday, October 4th 2016 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced enhancements to Neustar SiteProtect, a fast, flexible, global cloud-based DDoS mitigation service. The new benefits and features of Neustar SiteProtect enhance its automation, traffic flows, management and visibility to deliver the greatest speed, flexibility, capabilities and expertise to organizations struggling to mitigate DDoS attacks.

In the report, DDoS: A Comparison of Defense Approaches, Gartner Analysts Patrick Hevesi and Anton Chuvakin wrote, “Denial-of-service attacks are in many regards different from other security issues organizations face. Unlike other attacks, where patches and locally installed security appliances can block an attack altogether, the defense calculus for denial of service is different because no organization can prevent or block all distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on its own.”1

New research from Neustar, published in its “October 2016 DDoS Attacks & Protection Report,” indicates that DDoS attacks have become sophisticated, consistent and relentless. More than 70 percent of research respondents have suffered a DDoS attack and more than 50 percent of DDoS attacks have resulted in additional compromise, such as viruses and ransomware.

“The industry has recently seen the largest, most complex, IOT device-driven DDoS attack that surpassed 620 Gbps in size and lasted over 3 days,” said Tom Pageler, Chief Security and Risk Officer for Neustar. “This just reinforces the fact that when it comes to DDoS protection – network size, speed, capability, and expertise matter – or else the consequences could be devastating.”

Neustar SiteProtect provides organizations the flexibility and capability to avoid the challenges of over-investing, under-protecting, over-protecting or under-investing. The network size and expertise of Neustar SiteProtect enables organizations to stay one step ahead of the catastrophic impact of DDoS attacks that can disrupt online revenue, destroy customer confidence and erode brand reputation.

Key features and enhancements to Neustar SiteProtect include:

    Deep Automation of Defense Processes and Activated Mitigation: Standardized automation offerings increase the speed of response to DDoS attacks, minimizing their impact. The flexibility of multiple offerings enables an organization to deploy the service that works best for its demands.
    Standardized Offerings for “Always-Ready” Traffic Flows: Avoid the unnecessary cost and performance degradations that accompany always-on solutions with the flexibility of “always-ready” traffic flow that delivers the same high-speed response times and minimizes any potential performance impact.
    Improved Customer Management and Visibility into Attacks: Neustar customers are empowered to route and scrub traffic directly or implement auto-mitigation options. Neustar SiteProtect displays attack sources, protocols and traffic statistics with up-to-the-minute and historical data in an easy, informative way.

“Organizations cannot prevent being targeted by a DDoS attack, so it is imperative to identify, formulate and deploy a defense strategy that can limit the impact and effectiveness of these assaults,” said Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President and Senior Technologist for Neustar. “As DDoS attacks become more aggressive, organizations must evaluate both technology and the deep experience and expertise of the company offering DDoS defense options to find the best augmentation to their security operations. This important partnership is often the difference between defeating an attacker and enduring a painful and costly attack.”

For more information about Neustar SiteProtect, please visit

About Neustar

Every day, the world generates roughly 2.5 quadrillion bits of data. Neustar (NYSE: NSR) isolates certain elements and analyzes, simplifies and edits them to make precise and valuable decisions that drive results. As one of the few companies capable of knowing with certainty who is on the other end of every interaction, we’re trusted by the world’s great brands to make critical decisions some 20 billion times a day. We help marketers send timely and relevant messages to the right people. Because we can authoritatively tell a client exactly who is calling or connecting with them, we make critical real-time responses possible. And the same comprehensive information that enables our clients to direct and manage orders also stops attackers. We know when someone isn’t who they claim to be, which helps stop fraud and denial of service before they’re a problem. Because we’re also an experienced manager of some of the world’s most complex databases, we help clients control their online identity, registering and protecting their domain name, and routing traffic to the correct network address. By linking the most essential information with the people who depend on it, we provide more than 12,000 clients worldwide with decisions—not just data. More information is available at

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