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Main » 2022 » December » 2 » New Hybrid Exchange Ankex Delivers High-Performance Crypto Trading From Secure Self-Custody
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New Hybrid Exchange Ankex Delivers High-Performance Crypto Trading From Secure Self-Custody

New crypto derivatives exchange combines the performance advantages of a CEX with the user security and control offered by a non-custodial DEX.

Ankex satisfies new investor appetite for full transparency, including real-time verification of proof of reserves.

Ankex waitlist opens today, with the full launch expected next year. Pre-register for first access and news.

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ankex announces the launch of a new kind of hybrid crypto derivatives exchange which offers sophisticated trading and transparency from the secure self-custody of a decentralized wallet.

The launch comes at a time when recent events have shattered investor confidence and drawn attention to the major security and performance trade-offs that investors are forced to accept when trading on either centralized or decentralized cryptoasset exchanges.

Whilst centralized exchanges typically offer deeper liquidity, lower latency, and tighter spreads, investors are forced to surrender their funds to an exchange-managed wallet which is vulnerable to hacking or malpractice.

Ankex’s hybrid model removes this trade-off, enabling high-performance trading from secure self-custody, one of the main benefits of decentralized exchanges.

When trading on Ankex, user assets remain in secure wallets (“Vaults”) protected by Qredo’s decentralized MPC (dMPC) and located on its Layer 2 blockchain. Because no assets are locked on the exchange, users can maximize capital efficiency by deploying funds instantly from their Vault to other trading and Web3 opportunities as they arise.

Other Ankex user benefits include real-time verification of proof of reserves across all exchange participants, and comprehensive proof of liquidation reporting.

Ankex has been built by a team of experienced professionals from other cryptoasset exchanges. The project received incubation support from Qredo’s investment arm, Qredo Ventures. The exchange is expected to launch next year, with the waitlist opening today, to register for first access and further news.

“Given the events of recent weeks, there is a new appetite for sophisticated exchange capabilities without the need to trust a third party or cede control of your assets,” said Alex Petryk from Ankex's Marketing team. “Ankex’s new hybrid approach resolves this trade-off and gives investors the best of both centralized and decentralized worlds. We’re delighted that Qredo’s dMPC and Layer 2 architecture is playing such an important part in this game-changing new platform.”

About Ankex

Ankex’s team of experienced technologists is ready to change the way you trade crypto derivatives. Designed for investors of every size, Ankex is a new kind of hybrid exchange that combines the advantages of a centralized trading venue, with the security, control, and transparency offered by non-custodial, decentralized exchanges. Watch this space.

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About Qredo

Qredo is a decentralized digital asset management infrastructure and product suite designed to unlock new opportunities for institutional investors in digital assets and decentralized finance. Its Layer 2 blockchain protocol enables users to seamlessly transfer and settle BTC, ETH, BNB Chain, Solana, Polkadot and ERC-20 tokens. Assets are secured by Qredo’s advanced Gen 2.0 multi-party computation (MPC), which provides tier-1 bank security and institutional-grade governance.

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