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RevBits Endpoint Security Fully and Successfully Deployed, in a government-based entity PoC, for a True Air-Gapped Environment

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- RevBits announces that it has successfully deployed its endpoint security solution in a true air-gapped environment for a federal government entity.

RevBits Endpoint Security (RB/EPS) is a fully featured, robust next-generation endpoint security solution. Its detection and blocking capabilities are based on a three-phased analysis engine that utilizes traditional AV signature scanning, a sophisticated machine learning model, and an advanced behavioral analysis protocol. The solution's Phoenix module monitors for common exploit methods to provide additional protection.

The solution's EDR module enhances endpoint security and threat mitigation, offering the market the most feature-rich forensics and control capability imaginable. Malicious endpoint investigations are limitless, with a forensics selection menu of over seventy different artifacts collected on schedule or demand and partial and full memory dumps. US Patented technology in the EDR module offers Windows kernel-level security technology that prevents unauthorized drivers from loading onto the operating system. All endpoint processes, registries, and file structures are accessible through a full GUI or a command line function.

Simply put, the solution's EDR module is an endpoint administrative and forensics game-changer.

Government entity PoC requirements for an EPS solution in an Air Gapped Environment:

A recent government-based entity PoC required an EPS solution deployment in a true air-gapped environment. The entity had a primary concern centered around workstations and the air-gapped network's vulnerability to malware introduction via USB devices. The requirement mandated that complete solution functionality on air-gapped workstations and all administrative needs be without internet connectivity. Additionally, the entity required deep forensics capacity and artifact collection on schedule or demand.

Defining Air Gap:

Techopedia: "An air gap is a security measure that isolates a digital device component or private local area network (LAN) from other devices and networks, including the public internet. An air gap is also known as an air wall, and the strategy of using air gaps to protect critical data is also known as security by isolation.

Air gaps are used to protect critical computer systems and the data they store from malware, keyloggers, ransomware, and other types of unauthorized access. This strategy seeks to ensure the total isolation of a given system electromagnetically, electronically, and physically."

RevBits Endpoint Security – our Air Gap capability:

RB/EPS was deployed in an on-premises configuration for the government PoC, with complete user control of all solution capabilities. Every product feature on the protection and detection side and the EDR forensics and mitigation side is entirely functional without internet access. The user assumes a higher level of responsibility in terms of administration, but this aspect is already in place for an actual air-gapped environment.

All solution functionality can run without external dependencies, such as offline licensing, forensic extraction, malware detection, and blocking, USB control, scanning, and analysis.

RB/EPS and all other RevBits cybersecurity solutions are deployable in an on-premises, hybrid-cloud, or SaaS configuration.

About RevBits

Established in 2018, RevBits is a comprehensive cybersecurity company dedicated to providing customers with superior protection and service. RevBits delivers protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats companies face by offering multiple advanced security capabilities that can be administered through a unified security platform. RevBits is headquartered in Mineola, NY with offices in Princeton, NJ, Boston, MA, London, England, and Antwerp, Belgium. For more information on RevBits please visit RevBits.

RevBit's complete solution suite offerings are RevBits Endpoint Security, RevBits Email Security, RevBits Privileged Access Management, RevBits Zero Trust Network, and RevBits Deception Technology. For customers running more than one RevBits solution, the administration is managed through RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, a unified, single-pane environment that curates, correlates, and alerts to threats while delivering intelligence for a quick administrative response. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform integrates with all common SIEMs.


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Neal Hesterberg
Vice President of Business Development


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