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Roamly Overlay SIM Card Now Available, Revolutionary Product Provides Savings of Up to 80% on Roaming Charges for Professional and Business
The new Roamly Overlay SIM removes the hassles mobile users experience when trying to reduce roaming charges while allowing them to keep their existing mobile number, mobile phone, settings and contacts

TORONTO - Friday, November 30th 2012 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The new Roamly Overlay SIM has solved the problem of managing high mobile phone roaming charges incurred by business travelers while abroad, without the hassle of having to buy local or replacement travel SIM cards and having to change their number, device or home operator.

Frequent travelers can reduce voice, SMS and data roaming charges automatically by up to 80% by simply attaching the patented paper-thin Roamly Overlay SIM to their existing SIM card and re-inserting the combined SIMs into their existing mobile phone. They can travel to over 200 countries and experience the same wireless coverage and quality of service they are used to using the Roamly mobile carrier partner network, while saving on every trip.

Added benefits include Global Voicemail and live chat customer support worldwide. In addition, Roamly is a pay-as-you-go service without any surprise bills or contracts. Users simply load their account for use during their trip and any remaining balance may be used on the next trip.

"The Roamly SIM is a practical and convenient solution to a business-limiting problem. When traveling, people are inhibited in using their mobile or or using data, as it simply costs too much,” explains Dave Dobbin, CEO, Roamly Mobile Solutions. "You get the best of both worlds with Roamly. Use your home operator services at home, use Roamly when abroad and save up to 80% on voice, SMS and data. You keep your home operator, your number, your device and contacts, and remain contactable for business, friends and family.”

The Roamly Overlay SIM is available for purchase at Once attached, activated and topped-up, the Roamly SIM stays dormant while in the user’s home country. Roamly automatically detects when users are abroad and connects them to the Roamly partner network to provide savings of up to 80% for voice, SMS and data.

"It is an easy set-up for the user and the savings are substantial,” says Jim Bruce, President, Gemini International Inc, a Roamly distributor, "The Roamly Overlay SIM is an extremely attractive offering for enterprises with many corporate travelers and small business owners who travel regularly.”

Roamly is currently available to purchase online at for customers whose home country is one of 40+ countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, and USA for savings on roaming in over 200 destination countries around the world. Visit the website for up-to-date country availablity list. More will be added as the company expansion plan unfolds.

Roamly is developing an extensive distribution network around the world for purchase in the home country, for more information visit or contact

Roamly Mobile Solutions 100 York Blvd., Suite 600 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B 1J8

About Roamly Mobile Solutions Inc.

Roamly Mobile Solutions Inc. is an international mobile telecommunications company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Roamly develops patented overlay SIM card solutions that reduce roaming fees by 80%. Users keep their own mobile, their own number and their existing mobile operator while traveling abroad and talk, text and surf like they do at home. Roamly has carrier partner relationships in 230 countries. Roamly is privately held. For more information please visit


Roamly Mobile Solutions

Media Contact:

Jennifer Kelly, +1 647 694 3815


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