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Sama Releases First Annual Impact Report as Public Benefit Corporation

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Company created over 1,600 new positions in 2022, helping employees realize a 2.2x lift in income on average

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sama, the leader in providing data annotation solutions that powers the AI models of the future, today released its first annual Impact Report since converting to a privately-held company. By focusing on people, the planet and governance, Sama created 1,622 new entry-level jobs in 2022, a single-year record. Among these new hires, 35% were unemployed in the six months prior to joining Sama, and 56% were living below the international poverty line. In conjunction with its actions to reduce its environmental impact and ensure its commitment to social good continues, Sama has reinforced its mission to leverage new technologies and business methods to harness the power of markets for social good.

“We are extremely proud of Sama’s accomplishments in 2022 across our three key areas of focus: our people, our planet and our governance. Our work proves that technology and the digital economy can benefit everyone around the world and the planet itself,” said Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama. “We know this work is never done, and we continue to challenge ourselves to not only meet but exceed the highest social and ESG standards. We look forward to continuing to share progress through our impact reports annually.”

Since its founding in 2008, Sama has impacted 65,000 people through training, employment and the creation of a ripple effect for team members, dependents and their communities. The company created 1,622 jobs in 2022, the largest number of new jobs created in a single year for Sama. The OECD estimates that some 86% of workers in Africa are informally employed, meaning they do not receive the same labor protections or benefits as formal employment does. Through its focus on job creation, Sama is helping more people participate in the formal economy: on average, new entry-level employees in 2022 saw an immediate 2.2x increase in income from employment with Sama. Additionally, the company maintained gender parity: 51% of the Sama workforce identifies as female; 48% of senior managers identify as female; and 50% of the executive team identifies as female.

Sama also set bold new climate targets. The company measured its Scope 3 emissions for the first time in 2022, formally establishing its baseline carbon footprint at 4,758 tCO2e. Based on its findings, the company committed to halving its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and reducing its Scope 3 emissions by 50% per employee by 2030. These targets will be validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative to ensure they align with the parameters established in the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise. The company also continues to prioritize the use of recycled and reusable materials in offices and has policies and practices in place to minimize its impact on the planet through its purchases. These targets and practices place Sama on the path to reach net zero in its emissions by 2050.

Finally, Sama furthered its commitment to responsible governance and ethical AI practices. After becoming one of the first AI companies to be a certified B Corp, Sama formally converted to a public benefit corporation in 2022. This classification requires Sama to weigh the impact of business decisions on stakeholders other than shareholders and to take actions to promote the following public benefit: “Empowering and supporting marginalized youth and women in underserved communities in East Africa and other developing economies, with a focus on providing digital skills training and quality full-time entry-level employment.”

Sama established two key oversight entities in further service of its mission in 2022. The first is the Ethics Guild, a global cross-functional team with representatives from East Africa production and management, R&D and Product, Sales, and the Executive Team. This guild meets on an as-needed basis to review potential work for the company, uphold ethics guidelines for work and stop any work that violates Sama’s policies on ethical grounds. The second is the Impact Subcommittee, composed of two board members and two advisors, which meets at least bi-annually and is responsible for the review of in-depth ESG metrics in order to provide Sama with guidance on how to meet the company’s ESG goals.

“Over the past 15 years, Sama has made impact and ESG an essential part of its business model. This Impact Report establishes how impact and ESG will be critical to Sama over the next 15 years and provides a baseline to measure our improvement. I am honored to be a part of this mission to do right by not just our company, but people and the planet,” said Impact Subcommittee member Warner Philips.

Founded in 2008 on the premise that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not, Sama is a global leader in providing computer vision solutions that power AI and machine learning models. By hiring workers from marginalized communities, training them in AI data annotation and providing opportunities for individuals to apply their skills in the global digital economy, Sama is helping build pathways out of poverty.

Read Sama’s 2022 Annual Impact Report here. To learn more about Sama’s impact, visit our website.

About Sama

Sama is a global leader in data annotation solutions for computer vision that power AI and machine learning models. Our solutions minimize the risk of model failure and lower the total cost of ownership through an enterprise ready ML-powered platform and SamaIQ™, actionable data insights uncovered by proprietary algorithms and a highly skilled on-staff team of over 3,000 data experts. 25% of Fortune 50 companies, including GM, Ford, Microsoft, and Google, trust Sama to help deliver industry-leading ML models.

Driven by a mission to expand opportunities for underserved individuals through the digital economy, Sama is a certified B-Corp and public benefit corporation and has impacted more than 65,000 people through training, employment, and a ripple effect on communities. An MIT-led Randomized Controlled Trial has validated its training and employment program. For more information, visit


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