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Main » 2022 » March » 16 » Seven Capitals Pioneers Safe and Easy Trading Platform in Middle East
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Seven Capitals Pioneers Safe and Easy Trading Platform in Middle East

Stock Market on 15-Year High as MENA Economically Rebounds in 2022

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 15 March 2022 [ AETOS Wire ]

As the largest MENA economy bounced back in 2021 according to the International Monetary Fund, by Q3 the region saw a 6.8% growth far outperforming the 2.3% projection for the year. Driven by low unemployment rates and an uptick in oil demand and growth in non-oil sectors, this rebound is set to continue into 2022.

Oil revenues accelerated the rebound in 2021 with oil exporters seeing a 5% rise in real GDP according to a report from IHS Markit. Now for 2022, with the introduction of corporate tax, the UAE should expect a strengthened fiscal framework. The announcement of new laws would bring even more transparency, preventing harmful tax practices to keep a balance of competitive tax rate globally and will intertwine with the new OECD tax agreement to earn income on business conducted domestically.

Within this new landscape, financial and economic experts are predicting a 7% year on year growth that is also being reflected in the performance of the stock market which has been on a 15-year high since the start of the year. Combine this with the increasing pressure on consumer prices due to rising energy rates and supply chain disruptions, IHS Markit predict a 4% annual CPI (consumer price index) growth in the MENA region.

This forecast is giving no indications it’s slowing down which paves the way for the perfect entry point for lucrative investment and trading opportunities.

As a UK-based FSC regulated broker, Seven Capitals is an international trading firm that is helping others to leverage this opportunity for 2022. They have created a safe and fast trading platform allowing individuals to trade and invest in four different asset classes including commodities, forex, indices, and stocks.

By utilising MetaTrader5, a software that makes it possible to execute online trades, Seven Capitals makes it easy to open different types of accounts depending on your trading and investment appetite. Combine this with stable execution, even through periods of extreme volatility and crowded bandwidths, Seven Capitals provides a much safer platform than many other options currently on the market.

And the firm’s goal is simple - to get as many people into trading as possible to achieve financial freedom through ethical trading conditions. Individuals have made financial freedom a higher priority after drastically shifting attitudes worldwide since COVID-19, and these are set to continue going into 2022. With financial freedom, quality of life can be improved in the MENA region specifically which has seen higher rates of poverty in recent years according to the World Bank.

Using this customer-centric approach to meet the needs of the region, investors and traders have been attracted to the Seven Capitals’ platform. By putting honesty and transparency as the main principles that govern every trade, they have quickly established themselves an industry leader, with a monthly trading volume of USD 21.6 billion as of August 2020 comprising of more than 30,000 traders worldwide.

Seven Capitals CEO, Mohammed Shaheen says of their growth, “Having access to the world’s best trading platform allows our users to believe in themselves and master the art of living. This level of freedom gained from a platform that adapts with the evolving market is what sets us apart and why we’re able to grow our outstanding trading services over the last 10 years.”

As 2022 is forecasted to be a year of growth, Seven Capitals is also planning to expand its operations and customer base. The firm is specifically positioning itself to be the platform of choice for individual traders and investors, and as a gold trading expert it offers customers knowledge and high-profit potential in gold trading. 

Placing gold in the forefront of trading and investment highlights the firm’s commitment and ethos to safe trading. Gold has always been classed as a safe investment that stores value and provides competitive returns. It’s also used as leverage in times of turbulent economic climate because while some stocks or commodities plunge, gold often stands firm.

Speaking of the regional market forecast for next year, Shaheen predicts, “The UAE’s moderate consolidated public debt level, strong net external asset position and high GDP per capita is projecting a lucrative start for 2022. Dubai has made its plan to return to fiscal surpluses with recovering revenues, lower equity injection requirements from GREs and the possible listing of GREs on the stock market. I believe this means we will see a high leverage in economy while maintaining strong fiscal and balance sheet.”

As the UAE promotes itself as a forefront of global competitiveness and innovation, while also positioning itself as the global capital of finances to reach the next level of sustainability. The profit cycle has begun for the coming years in the sector further enhancing public policies such as promoting capital markets. With this in mind Investors can fairly expect decent returns on financial portfolios and high profitability that they should take advantage of.

To meet this demand, Shaheen shares Seven Capital’s strategy, “As an industry leader, we want to maintain our position through continuous development and our top priority will always be helping individuals achieve financial freedom through a safe platform through both lucrative and turbulent times.”

About Seven Capitals

Seven Capitals is an award-winning FSC regulated broker operating out of the Middle East. Founded in 2012, the firm quickly launched itself as a leader in the industry, boasting over USD 21 billion in trade volume as of August 2020.

The firm aims to dominate the different markets through easy-to-use technology that’s safe and fast and by employing a client-first approach. Find out more by visiting their website at  

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