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Main » 2013 » September » 4 » Skandia Selects Pitney Bowes for Customer Loyalty and Analytics Solutions
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Skandia Selects Pitney Bowes for Customer Loyalty and Analytics Solutions
STAMFORD, Conn. - Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 [ME NewsWire]

Pitney Bowes Portrait Solutions to Help Skandia Integrate, Automate, Analyze and Personalize the Company’s Multichannel Engagement with its Customers

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI) today announced that Skandia, one of the largest independent, customer-owned banking and insurance groups in the Nordic region, has selected the Pitney Bowes Portrait solutions to help power the company’s multichannel campaign strategy. Skandia will utilize the Pitney Bowes Portrait solutions that provide greater automation and personalization of the Company’s customer communications, as well as provide customer data that is more easily analyzed, allowing marketing and sales teams to uncover new business opportunities faster and more efficiently.

Skandia selected Pitney Bowes Portrait solutions following a rigorous review with five other customer vendors primarily for its ability to integrate campaign management, inbound response and visual analytics capabilities in a single solution.

"Pitney Bowes’ Portrait solutions stood well above the rest when we closely compared them,” said Magnus Eldberg, CRM Manager, Skandia. "Pitney Bowes could deliver the completeness and range of functionality we needed to create meaningful content, manage outreach to customers and analyze results in one seamless and valuable process. The support teams at Pitney Bowes are highly responsive, flexible and easy to work with, forming a great partnership to help us deliver on our vision for customer engagement.

"Pitney Bowes also has a significant footprint in the finance sector, both regionally and globally, including several of the world’s leading banks, which is testament to the scalability and robustness of their software solutions,” he added.

Key Benefits

    Improved customer cross sell and retention rates using customer analytics to target communications
    Faster conversion of unknown prospects to known customers through online behavior tracking and personalization
    Better customer experience through consistent and relevant offers across all channels
    Shorter time to market with easy-to-use tools integrated into a single user interface
    Faster time to value by linking customer communications directly with sales and service fulfillment systems

"Today’s technology-savvy, connected customers have turned the tables on marketers,” said Kieran Kilmartin, Vice President, International Marketing, Pitney Bowes Software. "Tomorrow’s successful marketing programs will be based on data-driven analytics, personalized content and agile teams. Skandia is a real leader in recognizing these trends, and we are proud to have been selected among such stiff competition to help them execute on their vision for a superior customer experience.”

For more information on the full range of the Pitney Bowes line of customer and marketing analytics software solutions, including Portrait Miner and Portrait Explorer, please visit

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About Skandia

With more than 2.2 million customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and more than SEK 440 billion under management, Skandia is one of the largest independent, customer-owned banking and insurance groups in the Nordic countries. As a customer-owned bank, Skandia recognizes that today’s connected customers are seeking to engage via new forms of digital content and in more personal ways.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes provides technology solutions for small, mid-size and large firms that help them connect with customers to build loyalty and grow revenue. Many of the company’s solutions are delivered on open platforms to best organize, analyze and apply both public and proprietary data to two-way customer communications. Pitney Bowes includes direct mail, transactional mail and call center communications in its solution mix along with digital channel messaging for the Web, email and mobile applications. Pitney Bowes: Every connection is a new opportunity™.

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Pitney Bowes Contacts:

Yvonne Summers, +44 (0)1491 416748


Carol Wallace, 203-351-6974




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