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Main » 2015 » January » 5 » ‘Social Solidarity Fund’ Provides New Products for MoI’s Staff Members
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‘Social Solidarity Fund’ Provides New Products for MoI’s Staff Members

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, December 31st 2014 [ME NewsWire]

Brigadier Salem Al Shamesi, Director General of the Social Solidarity Fund for Employees of the Ministry of Interior, announced that the Fund plans to provide new products for its members, in a bid to expand the spectrum of provided services. He added that he began to undertake the necessary measures, in prelude to implement the new products and diversify its resources during 2015.

He said, “The new products will offer several perks that will be made available to the Ministry of Interior’s staff members. This falls in line with the vision and goals of the fund to develop its services; provide new products and improve the quality of existing services.”

Brigadier Al Shamesi stressed the police leadership’s keenness at the Ministry of Interior to activate the role of the Fund and develop its resources to guarantee distinguished services to the ministry’s staff members. He noted that the Fund aims at enhancing the spirit of solidarity and social cohesion promoted by Islam, achieving cooperation between members to reduce the financial burdens they may face, and provide social and health requirements for them and their families.

Adding further, he said, “In line with  the Ministry of Interior’s strategy aimed at providing distinguished services to all of its staff members, it was necessary to search, broaden and diversify the fund’s activities and solidarity services it provides. This would contribute to enhancing the fund’s social role in an optimal manner, which provides an array of services with positive benefits to staff members, and enhances the fund’s performance and work processes, as it strives to set additional and diverse plans and projects.”

Furthermore, Brigadier Al Shamesi noted that “According to its internal regulations system, the Fund’s Board of Trustees, which is in charge of establishing its general policy, has approved a set of activities and events that will contribute to supporting the treasury with the necessary financial resources in order to further provide distinguished solidarity services and attain its key goals.”

Brigadier Salem Al Shamesi regards the Fund’s processes as a high-end form of financial support and economical solidarity among staff members at the Ministry of Interior. “It is a clear indication of people’s respect for the teachings of the Islamic Shari’a and for the Emirati social heritage, which encourages support and brotherly cooperation,” he continued. In conclusion, he added that the social solidarity is deeply rooted in the Arab original traditions, which consider all community members as one single and cohesive family.

It is worth mentioning that the Social Solidarity Fund that operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Affairs was established in 1994. It is granted legal personality, which qualifies it to carry out its duties for the service of the Ministry of Interior’s staff members.

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