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Streetbeat Launches SmartPilot: Portfolio Management Powered by ChatGPT

Streetbeat, a cutting-edge AI financial platform, introduces an innovative investment service that combines generative AI with real-time market news analysis to revolutionize dynamic portfolio management.


(BUSINESS WIRE)--Streetbeat, known for its patented AI-generated investment strategies, is proud to announce the launch of SmartPilot, a cutting-edge investment service that actively manages portfolios based on real-time news analysis using ChatGPT4.

SmartPilot utilizes powerful generative AI and proprietary algorithms to analyze vast real-time news data. By dynamically adjusting portfolio allocations, SmartPilot identifies opportunities to increase exposure to companies with positive news coverage while reducing exposure during adverse news events.

SmartPilot is available to all customers using the Streetbeat investing app. Customers can easily create an account or connect their existing brokerage account, including Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Interactive Broker, and more will be available soon (see full list on our website).

Damian Scavo, CEO of Streetbeat, stated, "Our aim is to redefine the investment landscape and set new industry standards. With innovations like generative AI and quant-trading capabilities, we are transforming retail investing. Our mission is to lead the AI revolution in finance and democratize access to quality investment advisory services, once limited to a selected few."

Capitalizing on Market Trends

SmartPilot is just one of the many distinctive features of the Streetbeat investing app. Customers can create their own strategies, called "Copilots," using generative AI simply by conversing with the app, similar to interacting with a professional investment advisor or choosing a range of actively managed options.

"We understand that every investor is unique," added Damian Scavo. "Our app is designed to provide choice, control, and user-friendly investing, empowering individuals to build long-term wealth."

To download the Streetbeat app, visit

About Streetbeat

Streetbeat is an innovative investment platform that harnesses powerful data, technology, and generative AI to bring professional Investment advice to retail traders, leveling the playing field for all. Streetbeat provides investors with curated and personalized trading strategies ("Copilots") and tools for dynamic and active portfolio management for optimal performance. Streetbeat is an SEC-registered investment adviser, and the Streetbeat app is available in Apple and Android stores. For more information, visit

While SmartPilot relies on AI technology such as ChatGPT for news analysis and investment signals, it is important to note that AI is a relatively new technology, and there are inherent risks associated with relying on emerging technologies.


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