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Main » 2020 » September » 10 » The Wave Reflects the Future of Covid-19 If We Are Not Vigilant
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The Wave Reflects the Future of Covid-19 If We Are Not Vigilant

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Wednesday 9 September 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

After the success of COVID-19 PSAs like Hope, a story of depression during the pandemic and a tribute to COVID-19 frontliners with Tomorrow Never Came, Zen Film Productions has now released The Wave. The Wave, directed by Zenofar Fathima, is a suspenseful 10 minute short film that advises the select few who fail to abide by government mandated precautions to stay safe and be responsible, portraying a possible scenario that could occur due to the lack of patience after the end of lockdowns and relaxed restrictions globally. The PSA comes shortly after exceptional government efforts were made to flatten the curve all around the world, propagating the message that it is now in our hands to ensure their efforts are not in vain, using the famous tagline #WeAreResponsible.  

The film not only offers a poignant reminder to us all as we assimilate into the new normal, but it does so through a plethora of characters who become intertwined in a story of fear and uncertainty, owed to their false perception that COVID-19 has come to an end. In doing so, there is an emphasis on what external activities the public should pursue, as well as those that are not a necessity, and should thus be avoided to curb virus resurgence altogether. The film has been quoted “an eye opener in the current scenario”, whilst Zenofar’s acting has been cited as “chillingly real, depicting how impatient some people can get during these trying times”.

Another highlight of the film is that it not only educates the public on how we must take responsibility to control future waves of the Coronavirus, but it also promises to keep audiences enthralled from start to finish.  “We aren’t just reminding people of the fact that the authorities have done their job and that we are now responsible,” says the Dubai-based filmmaker. “But the movie is also sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, prompting everyone to realise the impact of their past and future actions in a COVID-19 world”. The Wave is out now on YouTube on the House of Zen YouTube channel. For more information and updates on Zenofar’s future projects, check out her official Instagram @zenofar_fathima or Facebook @Zen.Today.Dxb.


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