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Main » 2019 » May » 11 » Winfooz launches first public e-auction for Canada-based dealers of new and used cars
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Winfooz launches first public e-auction for Canada-based dealers of new and used cars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Monday 6 May 2019 [ AETOS Wire ]

Winfooz, which is aimed at dealers of new and used automobiles in the Canadian market, made its debut with a public e-auction on May 2nd. A vast portfolio of cars of different makes, models and sizes were auctioned off to buyers.

The dealer-to-dealer market is the first initiative launched by Dublin-based Winfooz Information Technology Services, which has centres in Canada and the United States. The firm provides technology and smart auto delivery solutions that allow car dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles and tap into new markets.

Omar Ayesh, the Founder and Chairman of Winfooz and Chairman of Nobles Holding, said: “We take pride in the fact that we launched this platform and secured remarkable gains in North American markets last year. We are also very proud to have launched the first public auction on this platform dedicated to dealers in the Canadian market. Our aim is to provide advanced electronic solutions that benefit the global automotive industry.”

The global auto market is currently valued at $200 billion. Ayesh added that the innovative platform is a stepping stone for the world's largest integrated electronic hub for auto trade.

“We plan to launch Winfooz’s operations in markets in the GCC and other Arab countries. Our goal is to enable the promotion of the automotive trade locally, regionally and internationally. We provide optimised e-services in accordance with the latest international standards and practices to meet the needs of regional and overseas markets," he explained.

Winfooz CEO Osman Haji commented, “We look forward to partnering with exhibitors in Canada and the US and changing the traditional market by organising e-auctions.”

The Winfooz platform allows traders to sell and buy used and new automobiles with a smart business system that provides a 360-degree view of vehicles with all important details, including the price and the car’s history. To ensure fair deals and a fair marketplace, the platform includes an advanced search function and a database to help users select an appropriate buying or selling price. Retail transactions will be possible in the very near future.

While they can auction cars online, auto dealers and individuals can also display, sell and buy through the standard live auction method, when buyers make their bids on vehicles that are displayed at a certain time for a predetermined period.

Winfooz’s platform features real-world simulations for real-time auctions, direct dealer-to-dealer dialogues and easy one-click selling and buying.

Haji added that the Winfooz platform also has a section for freight-forwarding services with a database of service providers and online payment gateways. Multiple service providers compete to offer the best service at the best price. Land freight companies are currently available and sea freight and air cargo services are in the pipeline.

There are plans to extend the platform worldwide and to include spare parts, accessories and other supplies.


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