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Cards reach maximum 4GB/sec transfer rate with PCIe® 4.0 architecture

SAN RAMON, Calif.-Wednesday 20 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The SD Association announced today the SD 8.0 Specification for SD Express memory cards receives even faster transfer speeds by using the popular PCI Express® (PCIe®) 4.0 specification delivering a maximum of nearly 4 gigabytes per second (GB/s) data transfer rate. These full sized cards continue to use the NVMe Express™ (NVMe™) upper layer protocol enabling advanced memory access mechanism. As always SD Express memory cards using SD 8.0 specification maintain backward compatibility.

 “SD Express’ use of even faster PCIe and NVMe architectures to deliver faster transfer speeds creates more opportunities for devices to use SD memory cards,” said Mats Larsson, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource. “This combination of trusted and well-known technologies makes it easie ... Read more »

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NAIROBI, Kenya -Tuesday 19 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) - Beyontec, which specializes in a wide portfolio of technology solutions for the global insurance industry, is proud to announce today that Clements Worldwide will be implementing Beyontec Suite as its core insurance solution.

Beyontec Suite is a workflow-driven core insurance solution that caters to the growing and differentiated needs of the global insurance business. Beyontec's proven delivery proposition and deep industry experience will provide Clements with a core insurance administration platform that comes with the in-built agility to release new products quickly and to deploy them in a way that is compliant with both regulatory mandates and unique customer needs.

Since 1947, Clements Worldwide has been enabling people and organizations to work and operate anywhere in the world with confidence. With its global headquarters in Washington D.C., Clements provides auto, property, heal ... Read more »

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 By: Salam Sawaya, Chief Operating Officer - Brand4mance

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, -Wednesday 20 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

In the face on an unprecedented crisis

When brand custodians and marketeers were setting-out to plan 2020, no one could have foreseen a situation even remotely close to the one we are witnessing with the current COVID-19 crisis. How does one allocate budgets to a media mix when cinemas are closed, malls are shut-down, curfews have been imposed and life as we had known it, drastically altered?

“Stay-at-home” delivering significant surges to TV’s performance

Amidst all the turmoil which this pandemic has caused, “STAY-AT-HOME” initiatives around the globe have transformed  our homes into our “new” offices, schools, restaurants and gyms, amongst a host of the many other purposeful venues which our lives have revolved around. TV has continued to play a role, proving its wort ... Read more »

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 19 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]


Our ongoing research, powered by Choueiri Group’s Data Team now examines how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the lives of Arabs in the UAE and KSA during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

From the evident shifts in Ramadan activities, to restrained and new spending habits, we also focus on consumer mindsets once the lockdown begins to ease.

... Read more »

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Part of $2.6 Billion Total Capital Raise for Specialized Direct Lending Strategy

Market-Leading Platform Focused on Senior Loans

WASHINGTON-Tuesday 19 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]


(BUSINESS WIRE)-- EIG Global Energy Partners (EIG) announced today the successful final close of EIG Global Project Fund V (GPF V or the Fund) with total commitments of $1.1 billion, nearly 50% higher than the Fund’s $750 million target. EIG also raised a ... Read more »

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HANGZHOU, China -Friday 15 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- To cope with ever escalating complexity of security challenges involving huge flows of people and vehicles, we need something like the fabled omniscient guard, which has materialized now via AI. Dahua Technology, with its award-winning AI deep-leaning algorithms, proudly releases WizMind, a wide range of project-oriented products that adopt industry-leading deep learning algorithms, such as IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, thermal camera and software platform, providing precise, reliable and comprehensive AI products for verticals.

WizMind based on Human

Powered by AI-chip and deep-learning algorithms, WizMind provides comprehensive human-oriented solutions including face recognition, privacy protection, human video metadata, people counting, stereo analysis, etc., enabling rapid and precise reaction on what matters to you. Additionally, it provides more precise and effective AI search to locate the targ ... Read more »

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NEW YORK-Tuesday 19 May 2020 [ AETOS Wire ]


(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Bureau van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics company, and Regulatory DataCorp (RDC), which Moody’s acquired in January, are Category Leaders in a new Chartis Research report. ... Read more »

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