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NEW YORK & ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates 
Fortress’ management team to take a significant equity position

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Fortress Investment Group (“Fortress”) and Mubadala Investment Company, through its wholly owned asset management subsidiary Mubadala Capital (“Mubadala Capital”), today announced that they have entered into definitive agreements to acquire 90.01% of the equity of Fortress that is currently held by SoftBank Group Corp. (“SoftBank”), who have been the owners of Fortress since 2017. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, and the deal is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

After transaction close, Fortress management is expected to own a 30% equity interest in the company and will hold a class of equity entitling Fortress management to appoint a majority of seats on the board. Mubadala Capital (which currently holds a 9.99% stake in Fortress through its Private ... Read more »

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ArcGIS AllSource Connects Disparate Data, Enabling Actionable, Holistic Intelligence for Decision-Makers

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Globally, intelligence analysts and auditors in national security and public safety organizations must use multiple data sources for their analyses. Increasingly, organizations are turning to geographic information system (GIS) technology to provide the context of location for their data. This geographic approach gives professionals the understanding they need in order to do everything from protecting assets, people, and property to addressing cyber threats and more.

To support users in the intelligence and national security community, Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, has released ArcGIS AllSource. The new desktop software turns raw data into decision support by combining data from multiple sources. Analysts can leverage built-in link analysis, 2D and 3D maps, timelines, imagery exploitation, graphs, and video to uncover pattern ... Read more »

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LONDON - Monday, 22. May 2023 AETOSWire Print 

(BUSINESS WIRE)--World leading closed system solution provider FEELM has joined forces with leading vaping brand RELX to launch the UK vape industry’s first whole-chain recycling scheme for single use devices.

The initiative aims to address the growing concerns surrounding single use products being thrown away by consumers and the environmental impact caused by them ending up in landfill.

It follows estimates from independent non-profit organization Material Focus that 1.3 million single use vape devices are discarded each week in the UK which, taken over a year, contain enough lithium to power 1,200 electric vehicles.

Also, based on market research by Opinium, around 168 million disposable vapes are bought annually in the UK, with half of those being thrown out with regular waste rather than being disposed of in a waste electricals recycling bin or being returned to the retailer.

< ... Read more »
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Monday, 22. May 2023
Tasc Outsourcing Conducts the Largest Emirati Candidate Survey, Unveiling Job Market Insights, and helps organisations identify challenges and opportunities in Emiratization

Key Highlights:

When asked about their career plans for 2023, 66% of Emirati respondents showed interest in finding a role that aligns with their sense of purpose, while 18% of the respondents plan to stay with their current employer
More than 50% of Emirati candidates surveyed are willing to be flexible when it comes to relocating to a different city in the country for work
63.91% of Emirati professionals expressed dissatisfaction with their current salaries, while only 36.09% were content
Remote/ hybrid work options ranked the lowest as an influencing factor to only 37% of respondents

In a first-of-its-kind initiative to help organisations identify challenges and opportunities in Emiratization, TASC ... Read more »

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Platform merges space, energy, and time for optimized productivity, helping companies get more out of their workforce and resources

1-Platform, the ground-breaking AI-driven workplace productivity platform, has announced its arrival in the Middle East with its selection as the Technology Partner for the Workspace Summit 2023 to be held in Dubai from May 23 to 25, 2023. Dubbed the 'single most powerful tool' for enhancing sustainability, delivering a rich user experience, and connecting technology silos, US-based 1-Platform aims to revolutionize the way businesses operate in the region.

With the appointment of George Simon as the CEO, 1-Platform is positioning itself as the go-to solution for empowering stakeholders, engaging employees, and optimizing valuable resources for organizations across the region through its powerful AI-driven insights and integrations.

Following his illustrious stints at Microsoft and Plantronics, George will be instrumental ... Read more »

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Monday, 22. May 2023

Fully Charges in 3 Minutes and to 50% in 90 Seconds
Operates From -30 Degrees C to +100 Degrees C
Patented Design Does Not Catch Fire

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Prieto Battery, Inc., a world leader in advanced lithium-ion battery technology, unveiled the most recent prototype of its patented 3D interdigitated battery that delivers groundbreaking performance:

3-minute hyper-fast charge

Operates and charges in extremely low (-30 degrees C) and high (+100 degrees C) temperatures


All three attributes of Prieto’s lithium-ion battery were tested and validated by a third-party accredited battery testing lab.

Hyper-Fast Charge

“Prieto’s battery will charge faster than you can fill your car’s gas tank,” said Mike Rosenberg, Prieto CEO. “When you charge your car faster than gassing up, range is no longer a hindrance and everyone become ... Read more »

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(BUSINESS WIRE) -- RevBits announces that it has successfully completed the architectural development of its privileged access management solution for deployment in a true air gapped environment.


RevBits Privileged Access Management (RB/PAM) is an advanced access management solution that includes seven modules and extensive session logging that captures keystrokes and video. These unique access control capabilities and multi-module offerings reduce vendor relationship management efforts and increase access management safeguards.


RevBits PAM has two U.S. patents - a browser-based zero-knowledge encryption and authentication authority that extends to various hardware security solutions.


RevBits PAM modules:


Privileged Access Management - regulates access to critical resources, captures keystrokes, and video records all privileged sessions.


Privileged Session Manage ... Read more »

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