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Main » 2015 » June » 10 » ADP Traffic Showcases the dangers of using counterfeit and expired tires in Bakhit Al Nuaimi’s Majlis
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ADP Traffic Showcases the dangers of using counterfeit and expired tires in Bakhit Al Nuaimi’s Majlis

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Friday, June 5th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police recently showcased the dangers of fitting their vehicles with substandard, counterfeit or expired tires during an awareness-raising lecture in Al Ain. The lecture, which was organized by the directorate in coordination with the Saaed Society to Reduce Traffic Accidents, was held at Bakhit Suwaidan Al Nuaimi’s majlis in Al Ain; and falls in line with directorate’s tires safety initiative, aimed at promoting traffic safety education among the various society segments, in a way that enhances the safety of drivers and road users in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.   

The Directorate urged motorists to regularly check their vehicles’ fitted tires as well as the reserve (spare) tire for any faults or damages before hitting the road. It also called upon them to check to check the air pressure and integrity of all their vehicle’s tires, including the spare tire, especially with high temperatures during this period of the year that may cause tires’ wear and tear and result in serious injuries and fatal accidents.

Bakhit Suwaidan Al Nuaimi praised the initiative carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, to reinforce traffic education and awareness about tires safety through people-oriented councils. He noted that the initiative contributes to raising the level of awareness regarding societal issues in order to reduce the causes that lead to traffic accidents and to reduce the fatalities and serious injuries resulting from such incidents.

Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Chief of Public Relations Section at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, presented five awareness-raising, realistic and educational films, designed to enhance awareness of participants in the council about the risks associated with serious traffic accidents that occur due to tire bursts, caused by cracks or damage in the tire or by expired tires, especially with high temperatures during the summer that could cause tires wear and tear.

Moreover, he warned motorists against using expired or counterfeit tires, citing that as the temperatures rise, faulty tires are like ticking time bombs.

Adding further, Colonel Al Ameri highlighted the main causes behind tire bursts, which include low or high air pressure; overloading; long distance and high speed driving; old worn-out or counterfeit tires; defective tires, poor workmanship; poor storage, and remanufacturing of used tires.

Colonel Al Ameri also showcased the key signs that indicate that the tires need to be changed; notably strong vibrations through the steering wheel; visible signs of wear or damage, such as deep cracks, exposed cables, cuts, bulges or uneven wear of the tires. The depth of the tire tread indicates the remaining service life.  

Adding further, Colonel Al Ameri listed the necessary information that drivers should be aware of before purchasing tires. They include the manufacturing date and date of expiry after installation (6 months for trucks and 2 years for light vehicles); the importance of changing an expired tire; and the proper ways to store tires. Drivers should also be aware of how to inspect tires prior to buying, and to ensure that they have not been affected by heat or humidity – as this increases the dangers of a tire burst and subsequently leads to accidents.

In conclusion, Colonel Al Ameri advised motorists to buy tires two years after their manufacturing date, stressing the need to read the manufacturing date, which is engraved in the tire, to make sure they have not been in storage for a long period of time. “The buyer must search for the four-digit DOT code branded on the rim of the tire, which indicates the date of manufacture. For example, the four digits 4202 branded on the tire’s rim mean that the tire was manufactured on the 42nd week of 2002; with the 2 digits being used to identify the week immediately preceding the 2 digits used to identify the year,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that the majlis also discussed several important topics about tires and traffic safety, as well as the human and economic losses resulting from tires bursts, in addition to negative social effects on the community. It also recommended the need to educate motorists about the meaning of engravings on tires; and to add a tag in Arabic on each tire showcasing the tires’ production and expiry dates. The competent authorities must also curb used tires’ trade and prevent their remanufacturing.

A number of citizens of different age groups took part in the majlis; in addition to Major Salah Abdulalh Al Hemairi, Chief of the Al Ain Traffic Section; Captain Hamdan Hassan bin Thiban, Public Relations Branch Manager at the Al Ain Traffic Section; and the“ School Traffic Safety Councils” team.

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