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Main » 2023 » May » 6 » EBS Integrates with CobolCloud to improve legacy migrations to Cloud
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EBS Integrates with CobolCloud to improve legacy migrations to Cloud

(BUSINESS WIRE)--EBS, a full-service provider of legacy migration, modernization, and optimization solutions, today announced the successful completion of CobolCloud certification with the EBS legacy modernization software suite.

The EBS legacy modernization software suite has unique capabilities and features that have been built based on decades of successfully enabling companies to modernize their core business systems regardless of the environment. This capability means that organizations can run their legacy workload in the Cloud and quickly reduce their technological debt, while preserving their investment.

CobolCloud’s agnostic attributes and high levels of legacy compatibility allow it to play a significant role in EBS’s capabilities by allowing the legacy application to run in any Cloud environment.

“The integration of CobolCloud with EBS legacy modernization technology was completed within a month,” commented Jean-Yves Lorre, CEO at EBS. “This have been accomplished without major efforts, reinforcing our confidence with this major solution building block.”

“We were very impressed with the advanced EBS Software and its ability to provide customers with a solid path to modern systems,” added St├ęphane Croce, CEO at CobolCloud. “Together with our high-performance COBOL suite, we believe this solution is the answer to customer modernization challenges.”

About CobolCloud Solutions

CobolCloud provides a scalable, high-performance COBOL compiler, operating engine and tools designed to serve and anticipate customer needs. Founded by a team of global COBOL modernization specialists and after years of success with leading companies around the world, CobolCloud brings together the best of what is available to integrate COBOL applications into any emerging architecture: open-source stack, leading software, specialized third-party software certifications, technical partners, and a global network of technical hubs. CobolCloud offers customers and partners the opportunity to rethink their legacy applications in a more ambitious overall scheme. CobolCloud is available on Windows, Linux and in the Cloud. CobolCloud solutions allow enterprises to control costs and simplify modernization challenges. Visit http://www.cobolcloud.io.

About EBS Solutions

EBS is a leading, full-service provider of mainframe migration, modernization, and optimization solutions. Headquartered in Paris, with offices worldwide, EBS's service team and automated software solutions have facilitated hundreds of successful migrations. With over 22 years of experience, EBS is uniquely positioned to assist organizations through all aspects of legacy migration. Visit http://www.europebs.com.


View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230505005220/en/

Media : magdalena.niementowski@cobolcloud.io

Media : hugo.rodrigues@europebs.com

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