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iPavement 2, Improves Tourism and Security in Cities
MADRID. - Thursday, March 6th 2014 [ME NewsWire]

    iPavement 2, intelligent floor tiles system with almost unlimited storage and a 50mbps broadband, enables film streaming or high-performance augmented reality, as well as WiFi Street connection.
    Green Gate™ is the built-in cutting-edge application for touristic security which ensures connectivity and efficiency for touristic areas and buildings.
    It has been specifically designed for touristic areas with over 1.000 people per hour (or 2.000 people indoors), ensuring connectivity and crowd records.

(BUSINESS WIRE) iPavement 2 revolutionizes cities all over the world, regarding tourism and security, as it enables real time crowd and transit records with a 92,7% accuracy (calibrated on setup).

With these intelligent tiles, security in transits improves by 40% and communications improve by 70%, being this very popular among tourists as long as it ensures a permanent WiFi connection for data (as opposed to roaming).

By replacing only 0,21% of tiles (or 0,09% indoors), any area is turned into a digital iPavement area, with a 50 mbs broadband for local contents, and customizable as internet browser.

Recommended for crowded streets and squares (over 1.000 people per hour), it also improves security and communications in enclosed crowded spaces (over 2.000 people per hour) such as stadiums, discos, halls, government buildings, schools, railways and airports.

iPavement 2 has built-in applications aimed at security controls (specially Green Gate™) as well as assistance systems for children and elderly people (BiP Series: Groups, Street, Alerts...).

Police, A&E y fire stations can be permanently and securely connected to intelligent pavement settings, which makes their monitoring and intervention works easier.

After developing a setting proposal for New York (, iPavement 2 has been tested with 1.000.000 people in Puerta del Sol, in Madrid, Spain.

The life span of iPavement 2 extends over 10 years, being totally submersible, cold and heat resistant and flame retardant, which makes it the first tampor-proof technological product for the streets.




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