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Main » 2015 » June » 11 » Security Support Patrols Use TASER Technology to Enhance Security
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Security Support Patrols Use TASER Technology to Enhance Security

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Saturday, June 6th 2015 [ME NewsWire]

The Security Support Department’s patrols at the Abu Dhabi Police avails of TASER device that is used worldwide within the work of Security Support Patrols in accordance with legal controls. This falls in line with the police’s strategy aimed at keeping pace with the best technologies to combat crime and enhance the community’s security and safety.

Colonel Khaled Saeed Al Shamesi, Head of Security Support Department at Abu Dhabi Police explained that the TASER electroshock weapon, which is based on techniques that momentarily paralyze body movement, is an advanced option to subdue wanted criminals. It includes sophisticated features such as the built-in warning systems, which delivers different levels of discharges before the actual use. He added that the TASER gun is used in tactical situations to in cases of resistance or following an attack on the public or in cases that pose a threat to the safety of police personnel and community members. Colonel Al Shamesi also noted that the device has no negative side effects and causes no harm to humans and that security officers give a warning to suspects to give them a chance to surrender before firing the TASER.

Colonel Al Shamesi said that the new weapon is in accordance with the UAE legislation stipulated by the Federal Police Act No. 12 of 1976 and the Federal Law No. 3 for the year 2009, with respect to the description of weapons, standards and usage guidelines.

Adding further, he said: “All devices that are put to use by the Security Support patrols are subject to high-level international and local testing standards to assess their effectiveness, and ensure they are consistent with international safety instructions to suit the intended purpose.” Moreover, he added that the department also reviews practical experiences from developed countries that use the device.

Colonel Al Shamesi stressed the police leadership’s keenness to develop the work environment; provide departments with the latest equipment and technologies according to the highest international standards, which are scientifically and practically approved in order to maintain stability, reduce crime and implement justice in a way that ensures the public's confidence in the police. He explained that the police leadership recently approved the Security Support Department’s plan to provide all other police field departments with the device.

“The Security Support Department has provided its patrols with the latest equipment, tools, and vehicles specifically designed for police personnel entrusted with the task of dealing with criminals in the frontline, such as the modern patrols equipped with the latest surveillance systems, as well as means of information exchange and security and safety equipment. Police personnel undergo specialized training programs that acquaint them with the basics and policies of devices’ usage,” he added.

For his part, Major Mohammed Mubarak Al Masa’bi, Chief of the Security Support Patrols Section, noted that the TASER weapon is used by police patrols in developed countries; and was put into service after extensive practical testing and review of similar experiences in countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. “The TASER stun gun was put into service after reviewing the recommendations of scientific studies that demonstrated the efficiency of this device in the field; taking into account the health and safety policies and the international standards in this regard,” he said. He also noted that individuals who use this device have enrolled and successfully passed practical and legal specialized courses designed to qualify them.

In conclusion, Major Al Masa’bi added: “The TASER device is a highly flexible weapon and has proved to be very effective to handle specific situations, to control situations and individuals who represent a threat their own life and the lives of other police members. It is also considered an advanced and better option among other devices and weapons that are commonly used by the security support staff members”.

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