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Main » 2014 » March » 5 » STC life, Ltd. Successfully Treats Stroke Patients at Stem Cell Research Treatment Center
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STC life, Ltd. Successfully Treats Stroke Patients at Stem Cell Research Treatment Center
ME Newswire / Businesswire

SEOUL, South Korea - Tuesday, March 4th 2014

Stem cell research institute of STC Life Co., Ltd. (Chairman: KYE HO LEE) and 97.7 B&H Clinic (Representative Doctor: WON JU JUNG) successfully completed mesenchymal stem cell treatment for stroke patients.

Stroke refers to a disorder of partial or overall brain function that lasts for a considerable period of time, its causes, other than cerebrovascular disease, has not been found. Stroke is a general term for disease caused by cerebrovascular disorders, commonly refers to the cerebrovascular disease due to sudden circulatory disorder of brain blood vessels. This causes the loss of consciousness and paralysis of a body. Stroke occurs due to sudden neurological dysfunction regardless of causes, Symptoms include headache, vomiting, hemiplegia, or partial paralysis of body, sensory paralysis (or loss) of body part.

97.7 B & H Clinic intravenously injected stem cells to stroke patients five times at intervals of two weeks. Mesenchymal stem cells, one of the adult stem cells, are widely used for tissue regeneration. Stem Cell Research Treatment Center (Ph.D: SANG YEON LEE) of STC Life gathered and used some stem cells from fetal umbilical cord.

Patients who received stem cell treatment significantly reduced the symptoms of paralysis such as speech impairment, arms and legs paralysis. Also, the patients who were chair bound were able to walk without a walking frame after second treatment.

In addition, some patients’ language skills were improved by more than 90%. In the case of facial nerve paralysis, after 3 months’ treatment, some patients could recover their impairment by 80%. Some patients who had difficulty closing their eyes and speaking due to mouth droop could close their eyelids to 80% of their normal conditions and the other patients have softened and eased movement of their lips after the treatment. Also, some patient’s wrinkles around their mouth were flattened and some patients with dry mouth could facilitate their movement of their faces. All of these improvements in symptoms were achieved with no side effects.

Chairman KYE HO LEE at STC Life ( said "We gave been successfully carrying out stem cell therapy for the various diseases such as Parkinson's disease, autoimmune disorders, anemia, brain disorders, etc. Stem cells collected from STC Life Research Institute are known as adult stem cells that present in the body tissues and organs, thus maintaining the function of normal cells and the regeneration of damaged tissues in the human organs and enabling a variety of growth and differentiation in the human organs.”

97.7 B & H Clinic and STC Stem Cell Institute are becoming new leaders of biotechnology industry that give hopes to many people suffering from incurable diseases around the world with continuous treatment for various intractable diseases.


STC Life Co., Ltd.

Minsun Oh, + 82 2 3438 0653






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