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Accelleron shares admitted to start trading on SIX Swiss Exchange today
Transaction to allow both ABB and Accelleron to focus on respective core strategies and long-term value creation for stakeholders
ABB shareholders receive 1 Accelleron share for every 20 ABB shares held
(BUSINESS WIRE)--ABB announces that Accelleron Industries AG (formerly ABB Turbocharging), a global leader in high-power turbochargers for mission-critical applications, has been admitted to start trading on SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich under the ticker symbol “ACLN”, marking the completion of Accelleron’s spin-off from ABB. The listing follows ABB shareholders’ approval of the spin-off at its Extraordinary General Meeting, held on September 7, 2022. ABB has distributed the Accelleron shares on a pro rata basis, as a dividend in kind, with 1 Accelleron share for 20 ABB Ltd shares held.

The spin-off is part of ABB’s portfolio management strategy ... Read more »

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Doha, Qatar - Monday, 03. October 2022

Two candidates on QF’s edutainment TV show shine the spotlight on mental health challenges

Several weeks into its Season 14, Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science continued to highlight mental health challenges among youth in the Arab world, with two of its innovators addressing separate issues in this field with their inventions.

Noraldin Al-Deri, a PhD candidate in the biology of neurodevelopmental disorders, is working to tackle a problem he’s seen first-hand – potential misdiagnoses of neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Al-Deri personally witnessed the consequences a misdiagnosis can have on affected children and their families.

“Our family friend struggled with a misdiagnosis growing up, and I saw how they struggled financially and emotionally as a result – a misdiagnosis can mean we are losing a child’s potential forever,” said Al-Deri.

Al-Deri&rs ... Read more »

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Hyperthermia system made in Japan, benefitting cancer patients, attracts the interest of overseas cancer hospitals.

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Treatment of cancer using one’s own immune cells, natural killer (NK) cells and T-cells, called autologous immune enhancement cell therapy (AIET) administered along with conventional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, practiced in Japan for long is now offered in Vinmec hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam, following technology transfer by GN Corporation. Cancer patients from neighboring countries are now visiting Vinmec hospital for this treatment. Autologous immune-cell therapy, regulated by the regenerative medicine law in Japan, uses lab-expanded autologous immune cells, without animal proteins or genetic manipulation.

Benefits of AIET & hyperthermia: While increase in survival rate in cancer patients is reported by adding immune-cell therapy to conventional treatment regimen, the Hyperthermia system developed in Japan further ... Read more »

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Monday, 03. October 2022 AETOSWire

Zurich Purple Advocacy Group to be formed, front-line staff members to be trained and certified to address the needs of customers who’ve recently developed disabilities

Zurich International Life (Zurich), part of Zurich Insurance Group, announced a collaboration with Purple Tuesday, a global social movement dedicated to improving the customer experience for people of determination and their families 365 days a year.

With this move, Zurich will undertake key initiatives aimed at providing a more inclusive customer experience and creating a brighter future for vulnerable people. These include offering certified training to key front-line staff members to become well-versed in serving people of determination and engaging the wider organisation to understand the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals while stimulating awareness around empathy and compassion.

Moreover, the co ... Read more »

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Alkegen High Efficiency Filtration Business to unveil its new suite of products at the World Filtration Congress in San Diego, CA

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Alkegen, a leading specialty materials platform that provides high performance materials used in advanced applications, announced they will be launching three new High Efficiency Filtration (HEF) products during their exhibition at the upcoming World Filtration Congress in San Diego, CA. These are the first new filtration products launched under the Alkegen brand name since the merger of Lydall and Unifrax last October.

“This trio of HEF media – one for air, one for liquid, one for molecular applications – represents the first wave of advanced materials developed and released under our new Alkegen filtration product development team. These launches combine Lydall’s well-known filtration and manufacturing expertise with Unifrax’s proven, rapid innovation capabilities,” said Paul Vallis, ... Read more »

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With an ultra-thin body and professional functionalities, Hytera SC580 Smart 4G Body Camera empowers officers to focus on what matters the most.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, has recently released SC580 Smart 4G Body Camera and further expanded its body-worn camera series. Weighing only 177g, this new body camera packs advanced video features into a slim and rugged body. It streams videos, audio, and photos from the field to the command center over private LTE networks, cellular networks or WLAN.

Public safety authorities rely on body cameras to capture evidence and maintain law enforcement transparency, while body cameras play an increasingly important role in deterring violence and protecting the officers on duty. SC580 excels in capturing clear videos in challenging scenarios, e.g., in low-light and poor visibility conditions. The low-light sensitivity of ... Read more »

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(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following an ongoing assessment of its entire operation, Eczacıbaşı-Monrol Nuclear Products Co. (Monrol) has decided to establish a legal entity and manufacturing facility in Germany.

The new facility will focus on the manufacture of SPECT products and radiopharmaceutical products for radioligand therapy(*) such as Gallium-68 generator and n.c.a Lutetium-177. Developed by Monrol R&D teams, these products are widely used in the production of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer patients. The facility will also have a dedicated division for state-of-the art cGMP Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) services.

Monrol plans to make the site a center of excellence for both radiopharmaceutical production and scientific and industry collaborative efforts to create innovations. The facility is expected to be up and running by 2026 at an estimated cost of around 30 million euros.

(*) Targeted radioligand therapy is an innovative ap ... Read more »

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The founders of the XDC Network have leveraged a portion of their personal token allocations to secure a $50 million commitment from global alternative investment group LDA Capital Limited to accelerate the expansion and development of Layer 2 projects across the XDC Ecosystem and to facilitate network adoption and real-world utility. LDA support will help fund new ventures and entities laser-focused on increasing network adoption among retail and institutional participants, jumpstarting on-chain activity and Total Value Locked (TVL), and supporting technological innovation.


Launched in 2019, the XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, carbon-neutral, hybrid blockchain purpose-built from the ground up to meet the growing needs of global financial institutions, retail users, and entrepreneurs for fast, secure, decentralized network products. The number of (Smart Contract based) projects built on XDC has already grown relentlessly and exponentially, despite macro-ec ... Read more »

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