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The Flagship Deployment Replacing Unsecure Equipment and Services with American-based Network Infrastructure

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, today announced the turn up of a fully cloud-native Converged Packet Core, Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) and O-RAN compliant Radio Units (O-RUs) for Triangle Communications which will enable enhanced and secure service for residents of Montana.

“We are very pleased to deliver this landmark end-to-end turnkey solution with all products based on O-RAN interfaces including Packet Core, RAN and O-RUs – with all components upgradeable to 5G,” said Mavenir CEO, Pardeep Kohli. “These transitions are vital for today’s Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to undergo, in maintaining their competitive edge and ensuring the security of their critica ... Read more »

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SHERBROOKE, Quebec - Thursday, 20. October 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Global Excel Management Inc. (Global Excel), a leading supplier of global healthcare risk management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a majority ownership in Blue Sky Health Pty Ltd (trading as Flightcare Global), an innovative company providing a range of technology-based products and services to help manage medical events pre-flight, in-flight and on the ground.

Reg Allatt, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Global Excel, said, “We’ve always seen the Aviation Health sector as a market segment with significant potential. Global Excel has long provided ground services to various airlines, but our long-term goal was always to expand the range of services we offered. Flightcare Global is a perfect fit strategically. Our investment in Flightcare demonstrates our commitment to expanding our range of global risk management services, allowing us to better support our clients wi ... Read more »

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OSAKA, Japan & FREIBURG, Germany & DARMSTADT, Germany - Thursday, 20. October 2022


− Collaboration Provides Takeda an Exclusive License to Develop and Commercialize ZED1227/TAK-227 in the United States and Other Countries Outside of Europe, Canada, Australia and China

− Agreement Adds Third Investigational Therapy to Takeda’s Pipeline for the Potential Treatment of Celiac Disease



(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Takeda (TSE:4502/NYSE:TAK), Zedira and Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH today announced a collaboration and licensing agreement to develop ZED1227/TAK-227, a Phase 2b investigational therapy for the treatment of celiac disease. TAK-227 is a potential first-in-class therapy designed to prevent the immune response to gluten in celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disease where the ingestion of gluten leads to inflammation and damage to the small intestine. There are currently no approved therapies for ... Read more »

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(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Stern Pinball, Inc., announces a new state-of-the-art The Mandalorian pinball Topper accessory compatible with the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models of The Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian is a critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning hit original series, streaming exclusively through Disney+. The series follows the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, teaming up with key allies and protecting Grogu, while battling dangerous enemies and forces across their journey.

The Mandalorian-inspired Topper accessory introduces exclusive new gameplay features while transporting the player inside the cockpit of the Razor Crest™, using a 3D holographic display in vivid color. New gameplay features include Mandalorian Madness™, a mini wizard mode, and Beskar™ Bonanza, a progressive mode that awards all upgrades in the Foundry™.

The Mandalorian-inspired Topper leverages the Stern Insider ... Read more »

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TÜBINGEN, Germany & INGELHEIM, Germany - Thursday, 20. October 2022


(BUSINESS WIRE) -- University of Tübingen, a leading member of Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) research consortium and Boehringer Ingelheim launch an AI and data science fellowship program for top talents from around the world. Three to five fellowships will be awarded per year for up to three years with a target of nine to fifteen fellows in the program after five years.

The partners will define cutting-edge research topics at the intersection of health and applications of AI, which will be selected by a joint steering committee. First fellowships have been published here and interested post-doctoral candidates are invited to submit their applications.

The partnership is founded in Boehringer Ingelheim’s and the University of Tübingen’s joint vision to harness the power of AI and data science to improve human and animal ... Read more »

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SAN FRANCISCO - Thursday, 20. October 2022 AETOSWire

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Taulia, a leading working capital management solutions provider, and Henkel, the German adhesives and consumer goods giant, have today announced the successful integration of sustainability criteria into the largest segment of Henkel’s supply chain finance program.

The Supply Chain Finance program, which the two companies have been running since 2015, will now provide flexible financing options to Henkel’s suppliers with preferential rates depending on suppliers’ ESG ratings. By improving their ESG rating, suppliers can further reduce financing costs in the supply chain. This program underscores Henkel’s target to achieve 100 million tons of CO2 reductions together with customers, consumers, and suppliers between 2016 and 2025.

The program is supported by Taulia’s tech solution to allow scale. Taulia’s multi-funder model enables businesses to access an ... Read more »

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SAINT OUEN L’AUMÔNE, France & TEL AVIV, Israel - Thursday, 20. October 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cerba, the foremost specialty clinical pathology reference, and Taliaz, an Israeli digital health company dedicated to improving mental health disorders, announced today a partnership to provide physicians with an AI-driven precision psychiatry solution that predicts treatment effectiveness in depression. By finding the right treatment from the very first prescription, the test helps physicians make the best therapeutic decision faster for their patients and can accelerate recovery of the 280 million people suffering from depression globally.

Today, 5% of the world’s adult population suffer from depression, one of the most common mental health disorders, according to the World Health Organization (1). The correct medical prescription of antidepressant compounds has become a critical issue in patient management as a lack of response or remission occurs in 20- ... Read more »

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WARSAW, Poland - Thursday, 20. October 2022


Antagonist anti-CD89 will be developed for the treatment of Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis.

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- JJP Biologics, a company that specializes in the development of proprietary biologic agents for personalized medicine approaches, has announced that the European Commission has approved the company’s application for designation of its product candidate JJP-1212 as an orphan medicinal product for treatment of Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis (LABD). Following the European Medicines Agency’s recommendation, the European Commission has confirmed that the intention to treat this condition with JJP-1212 justifi ... Read more »

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ST. GALLEN, Switzerland - Thursday, 20. October 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News:


Vifor Pharma AG (Vifor) announced today that by decision dated October 19, 2022, SIX Exchange Regulation AG (SER) has approved an extension of the various exemptions from certain disclosure and publicity obligations granted by SER to Vifor Pharma AG previously (see Vifor Pharma AG's ad hoc announcement of August 2, 2022).

The relevant parts of the decision of SER of October 19, 2022, are as follows:

"I. Die Vifor Pharma AG (Emittent) wird im Hinblick auf die geplante Dekotierung bis und mit 28. Februar 2023 von folgenden Pflichten befreit:

a. Veröffentlichung des Halbjahresberichts 2022 (Art. 49 ff. KR i.V.m. Art. 10 ff. Richtlinie Rechnungslegung [RLR] und Art. 9 Ziff. 2.01 (2) Richtlinie Regelmeldepflichten [RLRMP]);

b. Veröffentlichung von Ad hoc-Mitteilungen (Art. 53 KR i.V.m. der Richtl ... Read more »

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HONG KONG - Thursday, 20. October 2022 AETOSWire 

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Valuence Group offers life-changing value tailored to all stakeholders, encouraging every person in the world to live true to yourself. Valuence International Ltd. (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China; Susumu Muguruma, Representative) has announced that the company has changed all overseas Nanboya locations to the ALLU trade name.

Strengthening Retail Sales and Marketing Overseas
Since opening its first office in Hong Kong in July 2019, Valuence has continued to expand its presence overseas. The company now operates a total of 34 locations in 16 countries.
Valuence International is also growing its overseas sales channels, including the online launch of STAR BUYERS AUCTION, a BtoB auction for dealers. This online auction allows reuse businesses around the world to participate. The company has also launched the ALLU retail brand for general ... Read more »

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DALLAS - Thursday, 20. October 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mary Kay Inc., a global advocate for corporate sustainability and stewardship, recently joined the UN Global Compact’s Ocean Stewardship Coalition—an effort to bring together the private sector alongside UN agencies, academia, governments and non-governmental organizations to address biodiversity and climate change through a focus on ocean health.

As a current signatory of the UN Sustainable Ocean Principles, the Ocean Stewardship Coalition furthers Mary Kay’s commitment to securing a healthy and productive ocean. The Ocean Stewardship Coalition seeks to leverage private sector involvement to increase ocean awareness and develop climate-smart innovation. It also calls upon stakeholders, including business leaders, to use climate-smart policies to address environmental and climate injustices as well as adopt a human-centered approach to policy solutions.

In alignment with the Sustainable ... Read more »

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SBTi verifies company’s net-zero science-based target by 2050

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Diversified global manufacturer Milliken & Company announces its science-based net-zero targets have been approved by the U.N.-backed Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). SBTi is a collective of international organizations dedicated to helping companies set emission reduction targets consistent with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

“At Milliken, sustainability is a core value,” shares Halsey Cook, president and CEO of Milliken & Company. “Climate change is placing pressure on communities, on companies and on our planet. The time to take meaningful action is now.”

SBTi calculates that companies committed to cutting emissions in line with climate science now represent $38 trillion — one-third — of the global economy. Milliken is one of the first 50 companies globally to achieve approved science-based net-zero targ ... Read more »

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(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner, today announced it will report earnings after the market close on November 2, 2022. The Company will host a conference call and webcast on that date to discuss the third quarter 2022 results and outlook at 5:00 p.m. Eastern / 2:00 p.m. Pacific time.

A live webcast of the event will be available on Rimini Street’s Investor Relations site at Dial-in participants can access the conference call by dialing (888) 999-2501 or (848) 280-6480. The webcast replay will be available for one year following the event.

About Rimini Street, Inc.

Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a Russell 2000® Company, is a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party ... Read more »

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(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Moove, the world’s first mobility fintech and Uber’s largest vehicle supply partner in EMEA, is announcing it has raised £15 million in financing from Emso Asset Management to scale up its UK operations following a successful launch in August.

Moove launched in London in August with a 100% EV rent-to-buy model that provides access to brand-new, zero-emissions vehicles to mobility entrepreneurs for a flat weekly fee. The new financing facility will enable Moove to scale up to 10,000 vehicles by the end of 2025 and become the largest EV partner on Uber’s platform in London.

Founded by British-born Nigerian entrepreneurs Ladi Delano and Jide Odunsi, Moove launched in Nigeria in 2020 to democratise access to vehicle ownership. Having now scaled to nine markets across sub-Saharan Africa and India, Moove is leading the charge in the ‘mobility fintech sector’, which is solving the challenge of limited access to vehicle ... Read more »

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Strong order growth, high revenues and historically high Operational EBITA margin

Orders $8.2 billion, +4%; comparable1 +16%
Revenues $7.4 billion, +5%; comparable +18%
Income from operations $708 million; margin 9.6%
Operational EBITA1 $1,231 million; margin1 16.6%
Basic EPS $0.19; -41%2
Cash flow from operating activities $791 million
Ad hoc Announcement pursuant to Art. 53 Listing Rules of SIX Swiss Exchange


This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:









  ... Read more »

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