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Expo 2020 Dubai Inner Mongolia Week

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Sunday 7 November 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Expo 2020 Dubai Inner Mongolia Week ended on a high note after showcasing a series of highly-interactive and engaging online activities, off-line event and a live webcast that were watched by tens of thousands of people across the globe.

Hosted at the Office of the Organizing Committee of Inner Mongolia Week (Office of the CCPIT, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sub-council), the activities were also linked to the China Pavilion under the theme “joining hands for innovation and win-win development”.

At the opening ceremony held on November 2nd, Chen Jian’an, vice chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Qibatu, vice president of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ali Zahiri, UAE Ambassador to China, and Najib Ali, executive director of Dubai World Expo Bureau delivered speeches online or via video recordings. Qibatu announced the opening of the Inner Mongolia Week.

In his speech, Chen Jian’an said that as the highest-level expo in the world, Dubai Expo has become an important platform to showcase the achievements of global economic and social development, enhance mutual understanding and exchanges among different nations, and promote mutual learning and common prosperity of different civilizations. Week-long events organized by provinces, cities and regions serve as important channels to present Chinese civilization to the world and promote exchanges and mutual learning. As a bridgehead for China’s opening to the north and an important hub connecting the Silk Road on the land, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region boasts obvious geographical advantages and strategic significance. Chen Jian’an also expressed his hope that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region should make good use of the Expo to showcase the beauty of the Inner Mongolia, share development experience with other countries and regions in the world including the UAE, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with them.

Qibatu, in his opening remarks, said that Inner Mongolia now enjoys a more solid foundation and broader prospect for development and has adopted more advanced development philosophies. It is expected that online economic, trade, cultural and tourism activities held during the Inner Mongolia Week will tell a good story of the Inner Mongolia, help Inner Mongolia make more international partners and explore more cooperation opportunities, so that they can jointly contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

“We look forward to extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with all countries and regions in the world, sharing with our partners development opportunities, and jointly drawing up a blueprint for a better future.”

The Inner Mongolia propaganda film “Beautiful Scenery Inner Mongolia” was screened at the opening ceremony. Ulaan mochir from Wushen Banner in Erdos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region also performed at the opening ceremony. The cloud tour of the China Pavilion and online tours of Germany, Japan and other national pavilions were organized.

A number of colorful activities of various forms were conducted to realize real-time interaction with the China Pavilion. Friends from all over the world participating in the Inner Mongolia Activity Week have been impressed by the enthusiasm, hospitality and prosperity of Inner Mongolia. Those who have not participated the event in person also had the opportunity to learn more about Inner Mongolia via the online tour.

As part of the Inner Mongolia Week, the Economic and Trade Promotion Conference was held on November 3rd, during which leaders of the Development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ordos City and Hulunbuir City gave their presentations respectively.

Representatives from the UAE Chamber of Commerce and four enterprises also gave presentations. One-on-one economic and trade matching will be organized for over 50 Chinese and Arab companies in four fields so that they can have an initial understanding of each other and may seek more cooperation opportunities in the future.

On November 4th, Inner Mongolia promotional videos and art performances will be played on the large screen of the China Pavilion. Inside the China Pavilion, there will be picture shows of Inner Mongolia industries and natural landscape, presenting visitors a beautiful and blessed land of Inner Mongolia.

The colorful and rich activities organized during the Inner Mongolia Week not only make Inner Mongolia more popular, but also bring enterprises from the UAE and China together, helping businesses from Inner Mongolia going to other countries while introducing in overseas business resources.

Organizers of Inner Mongolia Week, relevant municipal governments or administrations, CCPIT sub-councils, business associations and enterprises participated in the event online.


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