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Main » 2013 » October » 24 » Diagnovus Becomes First Licensee to MPEG LA’s Librassay® Licensing Program
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Diagnovus Becomes First Licensee to MPEG LA’s Librassay® Licensing Program
DENVER - Monday, October 21st 2013 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MPEG LA today announced that Diagnovus, LLC has entered into a license for certain patent rights through Librassay®, a new one-stop patent licensing program in the field of molecular diagnostics offered by patent licensing leader MPEG LA.

"We are pleased to welcome Diagnovus as a Licensee to the Librassay® program,” said Larry Horn, President and CEO of MPEG LA. "MPEG LA, through Librassay, provides a solution to the market’s growing need for one-stop non-exclusive access to patent rights for diagnostic tests that lead to personalized medical solutions. Just as MPEG LA’s origination of patent pools provided a market-based solution for accessing consumer electronics, video and information technologies, MPEG LA’s Librassay delivers a similar solution to the healthcare market with the potential for profound cost savings and quality of life benefits.”

"Librassay® is the answer to a growing market need for licenses under patents in support of emerging gene panel tests,” stated James Stover, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development at Diagnovus. "When the patents are held by many different entities, securing licenses with each of them can be a challenge – especially for a small, fast moving company like Diagnovus. We welcome the convenience of Librassay’s efficient, cost-effective, one-stop licensing platform. By enabling us to access patent rights in a single transaction, Librassay allowed Diagnovus to quickly secure a license and add to our ENGAUGETM product line, saving valuable resources for what we do best – delivering personalized information and services to physicians treating patients suffering from underserved, aggressive and lesser-known diseases.”

"We welcome diagnostic developers and service providers, large and small, to visit the Librassay® website and contact us directly to lock in access to diagnostic patent rights held by a growing number of world-class research institutions,” added Kristin Neuman, Librassay Executive Director.

Launched in September 2012 (, Librassay® makes diagnostic patent rights from the world’s leading research institutions available to everyone through a single license. It also offers patent holders the opportunity for wider adoption of their technologies, reasonable compensation for their research investments and the incentive to invest more. The program currently includes some 400 patents owned by Johns Hopkins University; Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; National Institutes of Health (NIH); Partners HealthCare; The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University; The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania; University of California, San Francisco; and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)

To access the on-line Librassay® store, or request a copy of the Librassay Patent Portfolio License, please go to


As the pioneer of the modern day patent pool, MPEG LA is now the world’s leading independent provider of patent licenses offering wide access to important technologies. By assisting users with access to patent rights for their technology choices, MPEG LA offers licensing solutions that create opportunities for wide adoption and fuel innovation. MPEG LA’s original license for digital video compression helped produce the most widely employed standard in consumer electronics history. It has become the template for addressing patent thickets. Today MPEG LA manages licensing programs consisting of more than 8000 patents in 74 countries with over 160 licensors and more than 5800 licensees. For more information, please refer to

Diagnovus, LLC

Founded in 2011 and based in Nashville, Tenn., Diagnovus is a specialized molecular diagnostic company focused on delivering personalized information and services to physicians treating patients suffering from underserved, aggressive and lesser-known diseases. Its mission is to improve the health of patients and quality of treatment decisions through innovative molecular diagnostics that better inform physicians, patients and their families facing these difficult disease prospects. Its core principles are defined by a commitment to bringing personalized genomics that will assist physicians in achieving better outcomes for their patients and contribute to a more efficient use of healthcare resources. Learn more at



Tom O’Reilly, 303-200-1710





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